Chapter 15

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The refined sunbeams crawled in their suite through silk curtains, lightening up each and every corner. Two souls wrapped in the sheet of deep slumber stirred slowly as sense started trapping them, Anahita was the one who woke up first and blinked rapidly to register the surroundings. Yawning, she tried to get up but substantial weight over her waist and on left shoulder refrained her.

She craned her neck to the east and noticed the most tempting sight of the morning; her arrogant husband was sleeping peacefully with his limbs all over her. Her curves widened involuntarily as she scrutinized his upturned straight nose right above his upper lip which was perfectly etched in deep bow, screaming pretension. His fanned lashes on his cheeks and thick tufts of black hair on his forehead. His breathing coming out even and his svelte arm around her petite waist, depicted how much he wanted to secure her with him but his next action broke all her reverie as he stirred and moved closer. He nuzzled his nose in her neck, making her paranoid for a moment.

It took Anahita one minute twelve seconds to find her breath and respire. She uplifted her hand and gently untangled herself from him without waking him up. She jumped on to her feet stretched her sluggish arms. Barefooted, she dragged her feet to the window and opened the blinds, letting the fresh air trespass the suite and dole out the precious conditioned air. Comparative to India, Italy was quite chilling in the beginning of July. It was a relief to her. She hugged herself closing her eyes and inhaled the seven am breeze with a goofy smile spreading across her lips. She slowly opened her eyes, enjoying the picturesque backdrop. It was in her wish list to visit Rome once but then she secured the destination for her honeymoon and when she planned all of it, Yuvraaj was never a part of this blissful plan.

Her notions churning up in her mind dropped her smile. She recalled his dicey her life had became. The puzzle of her fate was missing pieces, Anahita was having a hard time finding them and rearranging them to fix upon right place but she was doing it wrong every single time.

She wanted Mukund but he was nowhere and Yuvraaj, the man she hated with guts, was everywhere. Her parents hated her and the mere thought snatched her peace of mind.

She glanced at the sleeping figure of Yuvraaj and sighed, even he is using me to keep his family happy. She shook her  head, shooing the thoughts away and headed to the washroom.

"Let's go! We have our flight in an hour." Yuvraaj said, tying his shoelace and finger combed his slightly damp hair pacing past her to take his shades, "Order something here or you wanna go out?"

"First tell me, where are we going? You said Italy, right? Now where?" She popped the question confused, rubbing her hands.

"You're dumb. Ain't you?" He mocked, making her frown, "Come let's go for breakfast." He clasped her palm with her and dragged her out with him. Though Anahita had a lot to oppose. For instance, how he was liberated to drag her out with him, how he was not allowed to behave as if nothing were wrong between them but she waited. She was too famished to inaugurata a complete useless fight with him over such petty issues empty bellied. Exhaustion was still looming over her. They reached the cafeteria and like a gentleman, Yuvraaj pulled seat for her, nodding his eyes at her to sit.

"I never knew you were a gentleman? Chivalric and all!" She jested and Yuvraaj scoffed, taking his seat opposite to her, "That's because you never knew me. Chivalry run in my blood except I'm too stubborn to perform."

"Ah! That's the key. You're stubborn all the time." She taunted back, dawdling up and Yuvraaj passed her the menu card, ignoring her demeaning comment, "Order something."

"Alright!" She stretched, skimming through the menu and made a list of order with two cappuccino, two club sandwiches and Italian salad. As she was done placing order, Yuvraaj interjected, adding his choice.

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