Chapter 33

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"What?" Yuvraaj's words barely commanded Anahita's ears as she stared him with tear drenched eyes.

"You don't know that when you were plotting to hurt me, I fell in love with you." She wailed, hiccuping. Stunned, Yuvraaj permitted himself to gawk at her openly. She was not ordinary woman who would lay her heart out before someone she doesn't care for. His brain ceased working, as if an urge to soothe her spurted in him as she rubbed her nose, making it more red than it already was. Her agony had no end.

Yuvraaj reprimanded himself to hear her side of story before hurting her with his words. Her cheeks were stained with tears and the face she wore broke him in fragments. No other woman, apart from her, was able to embrace his gaze. No other woman could make him feel so vulnerable yet strong at the same time.

Wish she would've the same feelings. His heart refused to accept another heartbreak he was expecting.


"You don't need to fondle me at all, Yuvraaj. I would've loved if you had been honest with me all this time. You were the only person I trusted after being betrayed by everyone not because I was guilty but only because I really wanted to trust you." She sibilated, lost and defeated. "I know you don't like me. I am not the woman who can have your heart but I was trying to be. I know I have made mistakes, grave ones but I wanted to rectify each one of it. I know I am far cry from the women you would love but couldn't you at least try."

"Anahita, listen to me first. Whatever you saw was...." He was in haste to make her understand and wrapped his arms around her, taking two long stride.

"No, leave me." Her voice was chilling, so was her hands. Creating distance between them, she pressed herself more in the cupboard, allowing to look straight in his eyes. Yuvraaj was fast in collecting the tear that dropped from her eyes on his fingertips.

"Don't cry, baby. It rips my heart apart to see you like this." He murmured, softly, swabbing her tears and cupped her face.

"Look at me. Do you seriously think I would wish to be with someone other than you?" His question was straight and clear, yet she didn't bring herself to nod a yes and staring at the ground proved out to be best escape.

"Why did you make me remind about five weeks if you wish to be with me? Why do you hurt me with your words?"

"You don't have to lie, Anahita. I am with you even if you choose someone else over me but you don't have to play with my feelings. I know that you hide things from me, so do not pretend."

Agitated, Anahita pushed him aside and yelled furiously. "What the hell are you talking? Just now I confessed that I love you and still you're doubting me. Why would I lie? Why would I hide anything from you when you're the only person who knows me better than anyone? Why do you think I will choose anyone over you when you're everything I want?"

Her strength of arguing was fading as she wrapped her mind around his words. Something was wrong she became certain. Yuvraaj wouldn't have behaved so recklessly until or unless he was hurt beyond repair, this was something she got to know the day he humiliated her on the reception yet was waddling around to seek apology.

The wife in her was desperate to soothe Yuvraaj and expostulate him to reveal his misery but she knew his stubbornness, he wouldn't utter a word out of his mouth.

"Because I know. I know Anahita that you're not going to be with me forever, because I know that you're hiding things from me." He preamble, "Maybe you don't want to hurt me because I was the one who wished for these twelve days but that's alright. One day, you have to leave and i would've appreciated if you had been thoroughly loyal to me."

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