Chapter 31

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"Who gave this?" Anahita asked reading the note aloud. She had an idea but she wasn't going to instigate herself further to dwell over it.

"Room no. 498."

"Obviously, why not? How much more memorable it could be when I am receiving some kind of this generous way of thank you." She burbled sighing up and looked at the bellboy, greeting him with her best faux smile. "Thank you!"

In cue, the bellboy nodded at her and left. Anahita chewed the inner flesh of her cheeks considering the possibility that she could do with the bunch of flowers in her hands. The feeling was unsettling. Blinking, she inhaled sharply and turned to her heels. It felt right to deliver it to the person, for she wanted to know more of the story. 

"It's for you." She said, closing the bedroom door behind her and frigidly flung the bouquet at Yuvraaj. Some of the flowers kissed the ground in abrupt motion. Unaffected, Anahita pushed past him to the dresser and began to fix her attire. 

"Lilacs and orchids! Who sent this?" Yuvraaj asked, fondling the downy petals. Anahita glared the petals in animosity through the mirror.

"Who would? Of course, It's your fan girl." She scoffed, showing her teeth to him. Yuvraaj's eyebrows touched the heaven in surprise at her tone. He sneered at her demeaning comment but stifled it with a fake cough. Before slithering his arm possessively around her, he made sure to discard the bouquet on the bed. The satin ribbon that had held the flowers together untied, making the petals and filigrees spread on the bed sheet. Careless of it, Yuvraaj kissed her contours before resting his chin on her shoulder and sized up her moping reflection.  

"Am I smelling something burning?" He feigned sniffing the air.

"Yeah. Your ass!" Anahita jibed, pursing her lips in a seam to prevent her smile. When in his arms, her anger melted away like ice in heat. His modus operandi of coaxing her has always helped. Yuvraaj swept her tendrils away from her ear and sucked her earlobe. 

"Really?" He tilted his head more in her neck, caressing her curves. "I hadn't thought that you'll agree so easily on the fact that you're an ass." He pressed a kiss on her neck. A feathery one. So soft that she was confused whether it was his breath that had just traced her skin or his smoothly perfect lips which drawled upon the length of her neck.

"A dumb one." He added, tugging her sweet flesh and she moaned, losing herself in the symphony. Yuvraaj's arms tightened around her frame providing him the hangar. He peppered kisses from the side of her neck to end of her jaw. Her sweet notes added perfume was playing havoc in his senses. He kissed her nape, wondered how Anahita was being accessible. He could touch the sensation oozing out of her and engulfing both of them in a heating embrace, compelling to flow with the streams and claim their bodies together. Her eyes snapped open as she felt his lips drawing to her right shoulder.

Immediately, she unlocked the barrier of his arms and invoked distance to crawl between them. She had to cover up the situation because Yuvraaj's heavy breathing told her that he was hanging by a loose thread. So was she. And there was a lot they both had to settle before their confluence.

"Get lost. I am not burning and I am definitely not an ass. Not yours!" She muttered turning to him and pressed her hands on his chest before widening her eyes, "What the hell! You just humiliated me, Yuvraaj!"

Yuvraaj slammed his lips upon hers, chalking her banter to a stop and pulled her closer to him. His tongue invaded in her mouth dripping with passion and he stroked her waist up and down, sending shivers down her spine. Anahita garlanded her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. She fell on the bed with him over her. They giggled without breaking the kiss. Yuvraaj pulled away for a brief second, admiring her before cupping her nape and deepening the kiss.

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