Extended Epilogue

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Final and continuation part of epilogue... Couldn't bring myself to stop writing it.

Anahita squeezed shut her eyes in immense pleasure and moaned in his mouth. Her fingers danced on his nape before they ascended to his hair and clutched them tightly pulling him more to deepen the kiss. Yuvraaj planked her body in him and his one hand crawled up to the side of her curves to her nape. He pressed his two fingers in the back of her neck, titling her face up and his lips lapped the sweet nectar like a honeybee drinks all the sweetness from the bloomed flower.

Breathless and spent in love, as they pulled back and rested their heads against each other, only then they registered hoots and whistling around them. Grinning ear to ear, Anahita blushed hiding herself in Yuvraaj's embrace and he protectively cocooned her in his arms, kissing the crown of her head.

"Our five weeks have blessed us with the union of lifetime." He whispered to her and noticed that the pastor had left. Probably when they decided to shower their love on each other.

"No." She contradicted. "You've blessed us with this union and filled my life with happiness."

Yuvraaj brought back his attention to her and kissed her briefly. "We did this. I love you, Anahita."

"I love you too, Yuvraaj."


Feet shuffled to their Villa and faint giggles were escaping their lips as they witnessed people gawking at them with adoration and love in their eyes. They were tempted to contemplate the same situation in their hometown and the morphing of reaction in scowls and gasps made them realise that they were in heaven; one they've found themselves.

"Open it. I've my hands full." Yuvraaj bounced Anahita twice in his arms making her clutch on to his shoulders more tightly.

Next moment, his lips descended down on hers, coaxing her sweetly. The shuffling of feet falling deaf in their ear and the visitors probably were enjoying the display of lovestruck figures. Paying no heed, Anahita delved his jeans pocket, groping for the key card and occupied her another hand in palpitating for the lock. Once found, she maneuvered to swipe the card through the lock and the click of door made her hands swung on Yuvraaj's shoulders again. Their body weight worked as the force to jounce the door open.

Yuvraaj crossed the oblong hall filled with couch, side table and a few articles of furniture, luckily not dashing into anything and safely reached their makeshift bedroom. His deft tongue was busy in licking, kissing, claiming and dancing with hers. Sensuously, Anahita dragged her fingers down to his chest and made no haste in passing the button through loops, revealing spattering of dark hair in his chest.

Suppressing a groan, Yuvraaj freed her lips for a second, only to claim again. He ferried her on the bed and hovered her, retiring her hands from the job of unbuttoning his shirt. He kissed her sweetly, keeping her face cradled in his palm and tossed his discarded shirt in some distant corner of the room. He curtseyed on the bed and roughly yanked her hair in his grip, deepening the kiss. Anahita, though on her knees, still reached his shoulder and her chin was forced up to match his vigorous move. She permitted herself to revel in claiming his back as her hands drawled and she pinned him to her, stuttering in pleasure.

Breathing ragged, Yuvraaj parted his lips from hers. His eyes searching hers dwelling back and forth while his forehead rested against her. His thumb came down on her swollen lips and traced the lower one softly.

"I love you, Anahita!" He whispered.

Sending him her best smile, Anahita hugged him tightly, resting her head on his shoulder. Yuvraaj's palm on her back pulled her more in him. She closed her eyes and rubbed her cheek against his.

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