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"Amirrrrr! You are the best boyfriend in the whole damn world." Anupriya sang, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him all over his face. Amir giggled, pressing a hand on her mouth. "Ssshhh…. We don't want your parents to know that, right?" 

Widening her eyes, she nodded and gave him space to climb inside her room from the window. He handed her the box first and jumped the waist high legde. Once he was inside, she put the box on the bed and hugged him tightly. "Thank you, my love. I wasn't expecting you. Thank you for coming. Seriously." 

"How did you think I will miss my baby's birthday?" He laughed, kissing the crown of her head and taking her hand to pull her towards the bed. He sat on her bed and unwrapped the cake box. "Come on, let's cut the cake. I've got your favourite flavour." 

Anupriya watched the chocolate glaze with greedy lust and licked her lips. She raised a finger to dip in the cream but Amir blocked her hand, "Uh Uh, not so soon. You're going to cut it first." 

"Ugh! There's still twenty minutes left in changing the day. Am I going to just stare?" She whined and Amir shook his head, fishing out the candles from his pockets. "You will watch me decorating it for you." 

"Baby, as much as I love you for coming." She sat on his lap, hoping to distract him. "I hate you for teasing me like this."

Amir chuckled, placing the candles on the cake. "Only you can say this. Who on the earth gets turned on by the cake, Ms. Acharya?" 

"Me." She whispered, nuzzling her nose in the crook of his neck and roaming his hands on his chest. Amir held her hands together and lowered his eyes at her, admonishing in a serious tone. "No funny business, baby." 

"Don't tell me you're here just to cut the cake, huh?" Anupriya bit on his earlobe seductively and pushed him flat on the bed. Crawling over him like a lioness trapping her prey, she smirked. "Who on the earth takes the risk and climbs the window of his girlfriend's room just for the midnight birthday celebration?" 

"Me." Amir mimicked her and held her aside, getting up. "Don't distract me." 

"If that's humanly possible!" Anupriya breathed into the mattress before sitting up and platonically watching him placing the 'happy birthday' tag in the decorative flower with great interest. She rolled her eyes, "You should've brought the balloons too." 

He shot her a nasty look. "You are really insensitive. I am trying to make this memorable and you are treating me like this." He said without heat. She grinned, shifting closer and pecking his lip. "You know what? I know an easier way to make this night memorable." 

Amir palmed her face away. "Shut up!" 

After a few failed attempts, Anupriya gave up and sat beside him, cupping her cheeks and staring at the wall clock. The time was ticking by really slowly. She felt drowsy just by staring at the clock and huffed. 

She turned to Amir. He was absorbed in his phone, lying on her pillow with a leg bent on his knee. Falling over him, she snatched his phone. "Tell me a thing. Are you here to use your phone or to spend time with me?" 

"I am spending time with you, baby. Give me the phone." He argued, reaching for the device and she held it away from his grab. "No, you are lying here and doing nothing. Do I not excite you?" 

He cupped her face and pecked her nose. "You are not just a body for me."

"My lips are down here." She reminded him with a pout and Amir fell back on the pillow with a laugh. "God, your humor. I love you for this." 

"And, I hate you for cock blocking." She twisted her lips, tucking a strand behind her ear. Amir balanced himself on his elbow and placed a kiss beneath her ear, making her shudder. She closed her eyes as he removed her hair from her neck and pressed his mouth on her tattooing nerve. 

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