Chapter 37 [Part 1]

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Her lips trembled mirroring her shaky voice and it killed Yuvraaj to see her like them. To hump her down on bed and make love wasn't a tough task and the state he was in, definitely prodded him to do so but he just needed her to be more sober. Not emotionally driven.

He forked his fingers in his hair and calmed himself down. "It's not that. There's nothing wrong with you! And I am not rejecting you." He caressed his knuckles on her cheek and pecked her lips, "Rejecting you is out of question for me. I want you more than you've ever wanted me. You have no idea what you do to me."

"Then why don't you like me?"

"How do you know that I don't like you?" He was seriously fed up of her obtuseness. There was no chance he had gripped himself to show how much he loved her.

"Isn't it obvious?"

"Now, are you sure you're not dictating my feelings?" He became defensive, "Just as you say, if it is so obvious of me not liking you even though I've not given you any reason to feel such as, how can you say that you loving me is obvious when it is not, in my perspective."

"So do you like me?" She wondered, blinking her eyes.

"If I didn't, you wouldn't be standing here." He gave a circumlocutory answer making her smile shortly. She pulled him closer, looping her hands around his neck, "Then why are you running away from me? Ain't you the same person who threatened to drag me to the court for keeping you sexually deprived? Ain't you the same authoritative husband who warned me that I am his wife irrespective of the duration? Ain't you the same man who wished to stay with your wife?"

She punctuated her each question, kissing his neck and dragged her hands upon his bare chest, making him close his eyes in ecstasy. Yuvraaj was loosing the battle, desires spiraled in him and he clutched her hair, pulling her face up and captured her lips with his, pushing her to the wall gently.

Surrendering, Anahita fidgeted with his pants, trying to get him rid of his belt and threw it aside, pulling his body flushed against her. Yuvraaj skimmed his teeth along with her jaw to her ear and bit on her earlobe making her shudder. His maverick hand inched up in her top and he pinched her waist, earning her gasp with her fingers turning into his shoulders. He positioned to her cleavage and sucked her skin until she moaned and a bluish blotch etched in her skin.

"Do you feel now how much I want you?" He spoke, resting their forehead against each other.

"Then love me, Yuvraaj." She purred and he denied, shaking his head. "We can't do this." He repelled and Anahita steeled her grip upon his arm.

"Is it because you think what everyone says?" Yuvraaj eyed her confusingly when she broached up the long forgotten topic.


"That I've done something with Mukund." She trembled, "That I have crossed all my limits with Mukund. Yuvraaj! I swear to God, I've not done anything like this. Mom dad, they believe it. They think I've brought shame to the family but for God sake, I've not done that. I know and remember my values..."

"I know, Anahita." Yuvraaj grazed his palm over her face, "I trust you. I don't care what anyone says, it's just I know you won't do that. My Little angry bird is stubborn and rebellious but not immoral and conscienceless." He wiped the tears her eyes were ready to flow.


"Because we're still not in such point to not regret aftermath." He proceeded, intervening. "Anahita, for me it's only you but to you sticking up to me can be difficult. I don't want you to regret doing anything which you perhaps don't wish."

"We're married Yuvraaj." She reminded him.

Yuvraaj had had enough it. Hence, he vocalised what he felt, "But you don't believe in this marriage. It's just a Five Week game for you."

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