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Hey Guys. Happy New Year 2k18. I hope you'll make it more memorable than the last year. Well, Since the story ends here...oh no...let me rephrase it, the story reaches its destination here. I think I should treat you guys plus we've an awesome reason to do so, that is it's 1st of Jan. So, I know that I've mastered cooking and have amazing skills in kitchen *fans myself* but I can make something....so...so delicious is just....surprising. Smh! You all make my bigggg family and it calls for celebration. So here we're.

Cut large slices and let me know how's it

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Cut large slices and let me know how's it.

Shit! I crashed someone's wedding. This was the first thought that bloomed in Anahita's head as she saw the decorated church. The path leading down to aisle was avenue-d with candles, decorated in decanters and the vault was covered with same flowers she had clutched in her bouquet. The banister that separated the congregation was laced with flower gild and clusters of white orchids and lilac were bunched up at the intervals. There was definitely a ceremony going on because she saw the wedding mass being performed and all this while the hymns and prayers were actively oscillating within the walls of pious synagogue.

Candles and balloons were hanging through a thread over the roof and it resembled the twinkling stars in the dark sky though the reference was completely non contextual, Anahita couldn't help but recall the day she had laid on the wooden porch in Yuvraaj's arm.

Yuvraaj! Shit! She rebuffed herself mentally as she recalled, perhaps Yuvraaj wasn't there and she, like almost incredibly, transported to some other place instead of the told one but she was sure that neither the lights bolted nor the heavy wind blew against her and she was completely fine with the other people who entered the church, then how come she was the one who lost her way. She screwed up her face when she couldn't see much due to the veil falling over her face. She didn't mind clapping for the bride and groom but right then, her groom was most important and with a thin material covering her face making her vision hazy almost cringed her.

Absently, she propped the bouquet in her hands tapping together and breathed a sigh. Let's skip out of here before mortification finds me and bring me in attention.

She turned but halted in her steps as surprise or rather shock stretched across her face. With a swing, she craned her neck and saw the blurry vision of Yuvraaj standing near the dias. She jerked off the veil over her face and spotted him there.

"Yuvraaj!" Her whisper was loud enough to penetrate through the thick mass and reach his earshot and he graced her with his vision. Anahita instantly fell in love with him all over again when she saw that majestic smile filling his face and his twinkling eyes beckoning her to advance towards him.

Sudden spotlight attention what she got by the forlorn figures present over there seemed nothing in front of the man who gently held out his hand for her and flicked his fingers to summon her close to him. Everyone gathered to their toes and the rows of head snapped to her direction like a wind. Anahita was still standing rooted. Her legs refused to move. She couldn't even believe that Yuvraaj planned all this and tricked her to bring there.

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