Chapter 26

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This is wrong yet it feels so right. He trusts me even when I've done nothing to gain his trust, Anahita covered Yuvraaj with the quilt and stroked his head gently before tossing a peck on his forehead that was covered with the tufts of his thick hair.

I might have given him the wound which would always remain fresh but he trusts me and the person I loved and staked my everything for, didn't take a minute to humiliate me, he never tried to gain my trust even though I stupidly thwacked my trust upon him.

She paddled to the deck and pulled the shrug over her frame, hugging herself. She extracted her cellphone from the jeans pocket's and glanced through their pictures. They were looking happy and at peace.

How can I have this conflicting thoughts? Whatever has he done, how can I forgive Mukund and alike that, whatever i have done, how can Yuvraaj forgive me? She sighed sliding her cellphone back in the pockets and leaned on to the banister, stroking the wood. Enjoying the blistering sun dipping inside the ocean, radiating like a halo, summoning the night to supersede his presence, Anahita lost the track of time.

They were back in their villa. With the culmination of their trip, Anahita had lost the thrill and excitement. Yuvraaj's disturbing words were reverberating in her ears, she was having second thoughts. She was having conflicts and she wanted to sort it out as soon as possible. They had fun with boating and kayaking, clicked lots of photographs and had lots of moments where Yuvraaj had possessively planked her on his chest or kissed her forehead, making her more confused.

For she blushed. Instead of finding his touch unpleasant and unwelcoming, she enjoyed it. Despite coiling herself back, she craved for his embrace and intertwined their fingers many times. Her mind and heart was contented with Yuvraaj being around and she was, most importantly, not regretting her decision of trusting him or giving him a positive nod to be his wife. But the innuendo is, she didn't want to bind them in this twenty days term, this time.

"What are you doing there?" Yuvraaj's hoarse voice pulled her back in the earth from her thoughts. Anahita craned her neck to see him propping on his elbows, tufts of hair falling freely over his eyes and he yawned. He stretched and ruffled his hair, landing onto his feet. "Back to earth, Anahita."

If he is giving me so much, I can at least be a good wife for these days....till fate allows. Determined, she descended down the deck and trudged to Yuvraaj who was now picking up his cellphone from the bedside table and smiled at her. She inched closer and pecked his lips, whispering. "Good evening, dear husband."

Surprised, Yuvraaj slipped his cellphone that landed near their feet. Dwarfing his stupor with her passion, Anahita played upon the opportunity and kissed him passionately. Her restless fingers raced to his scalp, pulling the roots of his hair. Yuvraaj crouched low to hoist her in his svelte arms, cinching her waxed legs around his tapered waist.

Anahita let out a surprised squeal, clutching his shirt in her fists. Before she could take a gander of his radiating face, she was pressed upon the mattress with his weight crushing her. Following the path of her jaw to the hollow of neck, Yuvraaj didn't leave a nook where his lips didn't shower kisses on her flesh. In heat, Anahita clung onto him for support, her erratic breathes landing them in frenzy. Anahita cupped Yuvraaj's face and pulled him to eye level, kissing him long with fervor.

"Yuvraaj... That's....wait." She let out the words amidst her ragged breathing, framing his face securely. Yuvraaj pressed his forehead against her, kissing the tip of her nose.

"We should go out more often. It does positive spell upon you." He snickered, sniffing her neck. Anahita burst into laughter, wrapping her arms around his neck and their lips trembled before they laughed hysterically.

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