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Hi guys,

I'm back from the Dark Ages finally. I don't know what is better. Writing for fun or writing for fee? I've tried both the methods and realised that some of the books deserve to be shared with the people across the world without getting itself bounded with money. And, some deserves the fame and the name which can't be given to it without money.

It's basically the story which chooses us to write itself. Writers are actually the puppets of the characters. Like the humans. We do a thing and think that we have done something. Without realising that no, it's not just us, we are living the plans (one out of hundreds or maybe thousands) that are already customised for us.

It's not we. It's not fate. It's the course of the time which has determined everything already. Anyway, I guess I have gone too philosophic. The whole idea of this aforementioned paragraph is, I had thought to write the sequel of The Best Match but I still haven't found the perfect timing yet. Whereas, the sequel for another exciting journey has pinched me until I set the outline for it.

Two people have constantly poked me to write their journey. They want the same attention. They want the love and they want the same reception from you guys which you've given to their elders.

Without further ado, I present you the tale of another struggling couple in love and hope they can make to the end of their contracted term.

Here happens the first time cover reveal

*Drum rolls*


Before a husband, he's an arrogant asshole.

Before a wife, she's a sassy bitch.

Before getting married, they are arch enemies.

How will they find love in a relationship where they are only fighting the war to prove their superiority?


Yuvaan Prakash hates Anupriya Acharya to his very core. She challenges him, out smarts him and enjoys getting on his nerves. To his irritation, she is loved by all in his family. So, he's finally found out a solution to win over her.

Who's gonna reject the marriage proposal of the most sought-after bachelor?

Anupriya Acharya knows her conservative father will never accept the inter-religion marriage but she loves Amir Yusuf a little too much to give up on him. To her shock, her family has already found someone for her.

How's she gonna reject the marriage proposal of the most sought-after bachelor?

Sneak Peak

"Listen, I've a deal for you." She said, pressing hands on the table and he smirked, sipping his coffee. "Deal for the boss?"

Anu rolled her eyes boringly. "We are not in the office right now."

"Tell me." He invited her and she licked her lips nervously. "I... um.... I love someone already."


"Someone you don't know." She said arrogantly and he chuckled, putting his cup back on the table. "I've known you since grade four, mou. You were the ugliest girl in the class. So, clearly not your body doing the charm here and well, I don't even want to comment on your brain. You failed in grade seven..."

"I was suffering from measles. Had to apply for a medical leave, you punk!" She fumed in a whisper, gritting through her teeth to not disturb the people around her and create a scene.

He continued as if he wasn't interrupted just now. "... And you aren't into crafts or something. I wonder how come anyone like you. Or wait, is it a one-sided love? A book boyfriend? Huh?" He leaned closer.

Anu wanted nothing but to punch his face and knock him down. She clenched her fist to control herself. "I don't care what you think. But, I love him and we are happy together."

"You didn't tell me the name."

"I don't want to."

"Coz there's no name in the first place."

"Amir Yusuf." She barked out and closed her eyes. Kudos! He managed to get under her skin once again. Taking a deep, calming breath, she opened her eyes and glared at him. "His name is Amir Yusuf."

"A muslim?" The look in his eyes was of surprise. And, she nodded. "So? He's a muslim. It's not a problem. We believe in different gods and practice different religions. It's as basic as..."

"Damn man! Surely he's lucky guy. He can marry another woman."

"What?" She blurted out and he shrugged. "Their religion legalizes four marriages. So, I'm happy for the guy. He doesn't have to put up with you for his entire life. He can get married any time to get rid of you."

Despite the sizzling anger in her, Anu did not say a word. She knew it was a waste of time to talk to him. Yuvaan Prakash was a big time jerk, egoistic and bat shit crazy guy. She kept looking at his cocky grin and cursed him inwardly with most nastiest words in the world.

"Ouch!" He winced, touching his lip. "I cut my tongue. You are really brutal with your cursing this time, Anu."

She rolled her eyes at his humor and got up, picking her bag. "Whatever! I told you my reasons. So, tell your family that you will not marry me."

"Why will I do that?" He leaned back on his chair with a smug face and she gaped at him. "I.... I love someone else, Yuvaan."

"You don't need to love each other for getting married, manni mou." He asserted, getting up and pecking her lips. "Hate is enough for a life time."


Did you smell it? Did you smell it? Ugh! The guy is really as nasty as his father. Well, maybe a little more, who knows?

Anyways, there's no timeline on the story yet. It will happen. Maybe here or somewhere else but I'll try to keep it based on coin system app. It's always easier to get the coins, right? They have a truckloads of activities to gain the coupons for reading.

Plus, did it click to you? Anupriya Acharya! How many Acharya do we know from the original story? Hmm... Let's just think.

Drop your comments and let me know. :)

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