Chapter 19

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After coming out, Anahita was certain that the door which separated their bedroom and bathroom of the suite Yuvraaj had booked, transported her into another world altogether. In the mirror world actually where everything was same yet completely opposite at the sometime.

Wearied, she considered that it could've probably happened when she entered the bathroom because when she came out, Yuvraaj was a whole different person. And now, when she recalled what happened, she was sure that her notions were perfectly correct. Gawking at his sinfully handsome face, Anahita contemplated on shaking him up from his slumber but could she be that cruel? Her fingers touched her lips as if they were trying to believe that whatever happened a few minutes back was real. The moment Anahita came out of the bathroom, Yuvraaj served dinner for both of them.

"You took long time. Anyway, come fast and have your dinner. I am really tired." Yuvraaj cracked his knuckles occupying the sofa and dug into his food. Anahita silently sat beside him and started having dinner. Since she had already eaten much in a day, she wasn't hungry.

"I am sleeping now." Yuvraaj declared once he had his fill and got up, stretching his limbs. "Do me a favour and don't mourn because I haven't slept a wink and I expect silence okay?"

A reprimand about his stretching after having dinner was on her tip of tongue but she looked over and nodded, taking over the charge to call room service, handling the plate and switch off the light, "Okay!"

After some time, she noticed that Yuvraaj was fast asleep. Even though she was tired, her mind was restless. Having so much in her head, she knew it would be hard to sleep.

Strolling near the parapet, Anahita leaned against the glass wall that separated her bedroom and deck. This was the best place she found in the entire suite. Ocean before her eyes was silent and surroundings too. Maybe they were sleeping peacefully unlike her who had so much to categorise, flush and reconsider.

She slid the glass door a little to have the direct contact of chilling breeze. Her fringes were all over her face, her hair fell off the makeshift bun she'd made and goosebumps erupting in her hands prodded her to hug herself. Instinctively, her eyes closed. Her mind was clearing off gradually and it was focusing on the warmth that engulfed her in embrace. Anahita leaned on to it. In a blink, beefy arms tightened around her waist and a five o clock shadow clung chin tickled her neck. Her eyes snapped open, she frowned and craned her neck to see the person.

"Yuvraaj!" She exclaimed. Wasn't he sleeping?

"'s a dream. You're dreaming now." Yuvraaj rubbed his nose in her shoulder and kissed her neck.

"I am not." She shook her head, nudging him. Her hands rose to unlock his hands but Yuvraaj turned her around and pulled her in him.

"Yes, you are." He tipped her chin, looking straight in her eyes.

"You know I won't do that. Will I? I'm actually not your dream man, am I?" He sucked her chin and scooped her up. Anahita was in trance. He padded to their bed and ferried her on the mattress.

"You hate me, right?" He came beside her and kissed the throbbing nerve below her collarbone.

"Yes!" Anahita swallowed, closing her eyes.

"And, I think you know how much I hate you!" He caressed her hands and kissed her palms.

Anahita looked at him in trance. "Undoubtedly!"

Yuvraaj peered at her and smiled. "Perfect!" He crawl above her a little and pecked her lips. "Then it's a dream. A peaceful, soothing ointment for your scorching wounds."

"But, um, Yuvraaj, I am not dreaming." Anahita grabbed his face and looked into his eyes. She tried to neglect the feeling empowering in her on his moves.

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