Chapter 25

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When Yuvraaj had said that she would love the surprise, it didn't cross her mind the faintest that he would brought her to the cliff for paragliding. Evidently, she knew what was the surprise. He wouldn't have brought her over there for no fun. She gulped casting her eyes around to observe the people taking solo and dual flights, screaming high pitched with zeal that all but hyperventilated her.

Her feet solidify on the ground, eyes widened in horror and mouth parted so wide that the whole universe could settle in. Disparaging her fear, Yuvraaj stabilised himself beside her grinning ear to ear. His kindling orbs kissed her face. "You ready?"

"What? No." Anahita squealed coming out of her wonderland, judging his look correctly. "No. No. I am not going for this. How could you do this? You know I've acrophobia."

She found difficult to breath when people around her were flying with artificial wings and their enthusiastic howls were ringing high in air. Sanity was a second away to wear off and her fears were defeating her shadowing her gradually.

"What about fighting with your fears, then?" He fondled her hair, stepping nearer. His eyes beseeching her to venture out. "We both will fight together."

Gripped in thick film of vulnerability, Anahita repelled, shaking her head, frantically, "No. I have all my life left for fighting with these shitty fears, now is not the time. Are you freaking planning to kill me? They bloody have no security at all." She panicked, whimpering at the boot camp that organized the paragliding.

"They have what with all those strings and safety guards, including the helmet. Why are you freaking out?" Yuvraaj emphasized, trying to persuade her, "I have seen you in the aircraft and I am ashamed to see that my wife is scared of flights. That harms my status because I love soaring up in air."

"Do hell with your status, my life is more important than your status, Yuvraaj." Anahita was now seeing red. She glared him and stomped his foot causing him to wince. "I thought you don't even care for this. I thought you care for me but now, all you care for your status."

Her shivering gaze suddenly caught the woman who started screaming at the flight and crew had to make her land safely on her feet. Anahita mimed to Yuvraaj and sniffed. "Look at her, look at her how scared is! I am telling you, Yuvraaj, this is no cakewalk. If I fall from that height,I don't think you'll ever find my body."

Rolling his eyes, Yuvraaj pulled her closer and kissed her earlobe, intertwining her fingers with hers. The object was to use her weakness to persuade her, but Anahita was smarter than that. She kept her melting emotions and kindling desires on bay.

"Do you trust me?" Yuvraaj husked in her ear. Anahita took a minute to process his words and frowned, pouting and whining like a toddler. "I actually don't and I am not planning to do especially in this care. Moreover we'd different plans for today. Then why have you brought me here to explode a detonator on me?"

With ease, Yuvraaj's long fingers found their way on the crevice on her forehead and smoothened them. His eyes resting on her face and her thump pad descended down on her cheek, rubbing circles. "Then let's do it as trust workshop. You just have to steel your faith on me and I swear, I will not let anything happen to you."

"Are you crazy? We can do this workshop on ground as well, why is it necessary to go 10 feet up in the sky?" She rubbed her forehead, blabbering and glaring him.

"Nah, I need to get this fear out of you because I don't want you to cling upon anyone who is sharing a seat with you while taking off in flights, when I am not around." Yuvraaj left no space for the further discussion. Anahita face palmed herself in defeat. "Great! This is not the way to be possessive, Yuvraaj. I assure you I won't cling on to others, instead of that, I will clutch my seatbelts tightly or the blinds or whatever but I won't cling on to others. Moreover, you are not going anywhere so I don't need to do this at all. Now, I hope you are contented. Then let's go!" She gripped his forearm and pivoted on her heels to leave.

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