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Five Weeks. Thirty five Days. Eight forty hours. Fifty thousand four hundred minutes. Thirty lakh twenty four thousand seconds of endurance and then I will be able to freely fly in the vast welkin like a bird.

"Remember this marriage is out of convenience. You've to stay strong." Anahita reminded herself unscrewing her earrings and dropped them on the vanity table beside the pool of her bangles.

With a creak, the bedroom door unbarred and she raised her thick lashed eyes to the mirror again. Her lips - full and luscious, painted in red - stretched up in a faux smile when he stepped inside. How could she not feel his presence and the scorching warmth that filled the void of the room instantly. Pair of warm, grey eyes - sparkling pool of liquid silver as she preferred to view them - examined the whole room before zeroing his wandering vision on the mirror and they shined in delight. 

'A few days of pretension and I'll be out of this.' She mused, coyly smiling now and embraced his gaze with hers, working on to unfix the heavy piece of jewelry around her slender neck.  

When in Rome do as Romans do. Her rational mind advised.


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