Chapter 6

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“Have you really become so disrespectful that your Father's agony is not affecting you? How can you even breath? Should you be dead by now in shame?” Anahita's Aunt snapped at her, the big fat face of hers was swollen red in anger.

Flinging her cellphone on the bed, Anahita ambled to her aunt, pasting a fake smile on her face, “I'm so sorry aunt but I am not told to and taught to suicide just because some stupid people have a prejudiced opinion about me and I am wondering that perhaps little water bath didn't help you anyway or maybe you're si full with loathe against me that you don't to leave any chance of slandering me.”

She sighed, “Whatever it is, if my dad is sulking for my birth or for my deeds. It's my personal matter. So don't poke your filthy nose because since you know I am terribly shameless, I might harm your prestige as well.”

Her aunt scowled at her.

“So,” Anahita smiled. “Maintain a safe distance and if I am not wrong, Manish bro is in Sweden Right? I have been on social media recently and I have noticed that some of his photographs shows sheer closeness with a guy. So, instead of spying on me, keep a check on him. Who knows he may bring a son in law for you?”

“I am not going to talk to a girl like you.” Her aunt fumed.

“Good for you.” Anahita giggled and shrugged, moving back to the bed. Old lady glared her for a moment or two and sprinted downstairs quickly.  


Anahita descended down the stairs following by her cousins and Maternal Uncle. Everyone was looking at her, she was the cynosure. Shimming a rough glance at everyone, she noticed that there were few peoples, only limited to close relatives who'd managed to come up till then. Since the wedding was scheduled in the evening, not everyone had the idea that there would be some last minute changes. Anahita sighed at her dad's decision.

Then, her attention was stolen by the heat and the choking jewellery around her neck that made her dizzy. Instead of room conditioners placed in the venue, the warm gust of wind slapped her exposed skin and loads of perfunctory makeup made her sweat profusely.

Ignorant to her sufferings, the welcomed guests were eyeing her like a display object. Shooing off her irrelevant notions, she treaded the distance from the staircase to the dias where wedding rituals were going to take place. Her cousins and mom helped her to get on the dias on the other side of Antrapat that was screened before Yuvraaj.

Uptill now, she hadn't casted a glance at him. The Mantras resonated in the air and priest removed the Antrapat between them. Anahita bothered to look at Yuvraaj who was attired in proper Maharashtrian Dhoti-Kurta with a Topi on his head and Mundavalya dangling down his face. Even in traditional attire, he was looking tempting as a runway model. That shimmery lace on his Topi and Mundavalya only accentuated his male beauty.

To Anahita’s utter displease, he hadn't casted a single glance at her. Not that she was dying to see him drooling over her but there was something on his face that made her worried, probably the blank look. Perhaps he was forced too for getting married to her.

“Exchange the divine garlands.” Priest told along with Mantras and Anahita winded the garland around his neck. Then, like a perfectionist, Yuvraaj followed her suit. Amidst the hoots and whistling all the other rituals were being performed. Anahita was slightly miffed at the old bald man who was called priest because of his rattling about get up and sit down.

She curbed the urge to hiss at him that ‘Dude, wear five kg load on yourself and cover your face in this scorching summer an repeat the process of getting up and settling down. You will know what is this?’ But what she did was touching Yuvraaj’s elbow while doing Havana.

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