Chapter 11

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Anahita was pacing in her room back and forth, her whole face was red. Red that was said to be the colour of love and anger. Provided the circumstances, Anahita chose to be with the second block of red. All she felt was unnerving anger towards her twerp husband who had bluntly suggested to make reservations of air tickets for their honeymoon.

"Baba, I was thinking we should hurry up with our honeymoon because after a month, I will be extremely busy with my projects and I think I will hardly get time for any kind of vacations. I don't want Anahita moping around and Aai buzzing in my ear. So, I think we should make reservations now." Yuvraaj broached up during dinner.

Anahita coughed menacingly, letting everyone believed that she wouldn't survive after it and the plan of honeymoon would be mouldered until Yuvraaj rubbed her back almost seductively.

"I am fine." She said fighting with her tears due to the cough and gulped down two glasses of water in a go.

"You should eat slowly. No one is snatching your plate." Yuvraaj jibed, slightly enjoying her disheveled state. He was aware of the fact that she was coughing because of his sudden mention of honeymoon.

"I said I am good." She pressed her hand upon his for the show. She looked at everyone, "I was thinking why don't we postpone this plan and let's go for family outing." She suggested, making everyone gawk at her incredulously.

"You want to go on family outing Vahini! C'mon, don't shy now, Dada has already bragged about how excited you're for it." Gitika teased her, gearing up others for completely unnecessary laughter.

Anahita rolled her eyes and glared Yuvraaj. How much she wanted to kill Gitika's Dada. That prick gossiped around about her non existing excitement for their prospective honeymoon swerving off the fact that he was basically embarrassing her. He had managed to reach the apex of her tolerance today. Yuvraaj not only forcefully dragged her for the shopping she was not willing to go but also purchased dresses and insisted on buying some exotic lingerie.

"Listen, pick something in lace. It excites me." Was his blunt approached before he himself selected a few for her and that enraged Anahita. She was the mad bull who wanted to finish everything that came in its way.

"How dare he talk to me like that? What the hell am I! How could he behave like such dominant husband when he clearly knows that I don't want this marriage?" Anahita was boiling in anger, she had no idea how to curb the kindling urge of snapping his neck.

"Vahini!" Gitika knocked on the door, Anahita stopped midway and heaved a long breath, calming her down.

"Yes?" She opened the door smiling and welcomed Gitika inside.

"Aai has sent these for you." Gitika wiggled her eyes at the packet in her hands. Puzzled, Anahita took the packet, trying to guess what was in it. She peeked inside and shut the packet quickly, blushing hard.

Gitika giggled, "Aai asked Nisha Vahini and Prachi Tai to accompany her while shopping this for you."

Anahita widened her eyes, her cheeks flushed beetroot. "Aai needs to stop watching dramas. No mother-in-law gifts lingerie to their sunbai. That too of this kind."

Gitika winked, "I will help you in packing."

"No need! I will manage." Anahita smiled at her sister-in-law.

"You sure?"


"Okay then. Call me if you need anything, I am in my room."

"Gitika, do you know where is your Dada?" Anahita asked, getting impatient.

"You mean your husband?" Gitika cocked her eyebrows, teasing.

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