Chapter 37 [Part 2]

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"Y for Yuvraaj!" Yuvraaj repeated, pressing his lips on the tattoo and rubbed his nose in the hollow of her neck, peppering kisses on her shoulder blades. Anahita sucked in a sharp breath as his hands moved to cup her silky mounds, he twitched the pebbled nipples between his index finger and thumb deftly. Anahita leaned back into her embrace, covering his hands with hers. Butterflies fluttered in the pit of her stomach. Anahita was soaring up in euphoria, for the pleasure she's only heard of, Yuvraaj was coursing it through her body.

Unleashing the beast hidden deep inside him, Yuvraaj gnawed her skin before flexing her neck towards him and kissed her passionately and his hands squeezed her bare assets, eliciting unabashed moans from her.

"Gentle, Yuvraaj, gentle!" She gasped, whirling around and bore her darkened gaze into his, finding way all together to his heart. She locked her legs around his waist and absorbed him in a long deep smooch.

"I won't," He assailed over her, dropping her on the mattress. His fingers tucked in her shorts, pulling them down in a swift. He knelt between her legs and sensually kissed her thighs. "You're so sweet, Anahita."

It always sent her over the edge whenever his hoarse voice impeded through her ears and melted in her insides, lightening her inner world. But the sensation she felt then was altogether a fresh experience. Her name sounded melody to her ears as if he had caressed each and every syllable, coating it in his handmade love and devotion.

She pressed her hand above his head. Abstaining his control, Yuvraaj kissed her calf, squatting on his knees. Anahita giggled trying to pull her leg back but Yuvraaj gripped her thighs, mounting her over his folded knees. He kissed her toe and all the fingers one by one with devotion. He positioned her another leg on his shoulder and kissed her calves, tugging into her panties.

"I love you, Yuvraaj." She confessed, sitting up propping herself on her elbows. Yuvraaj pushed her back on the mattress, getting rid of his jeans. "I am coming to believe that you do."

Pulling him by his hair, Anahita dragged him up to her eye's level, "When will you say?"

Rested over her, Yuvraaj sucked her chin, grinding himself against her core. "You say that I don't like you! Then why will I say?"

"Fine, I swear I'll make you fall in love with me soon and you'll chant I love you Anahita, all the time." She bit his  shoulder, arching her back when Yuvraaj slipped his fingers inside her thong, "I am looking forward to see how will you make me fall in love with you? Damn! You're so wet."

"Please Yuvraaj." She closed her eyes, breathing heavily as his fingers rubbed her swollen nub, bussing her silky folds. She shivered in anticipation of the first thirst; of the sweet torture. 

"Anahita..wait," Yuvraaj sucked the swollen nipple, twirling his tongue around it, tweaking the other one with his finger. Balancing his attention to both of them, he sucked hard like a toothless infant, making her confused where to focus and what to feel. His fingers on her sensitive spot and his mouth on her blossoms was too much to take. She kicked air clawing at his shoulder, she expected her to invade her, she expected him to show the heaven but Yuvraaj was adamant on offering bits only.

"Yuvraaj..." She cried in frustration and bit his neck, pulling him to her level.

He kissed her, staring at her eyes wolfishly. He slowly brought his sleek fingers to his lips before sucking them. Anahita blushed hard at his gesture. She covered her eyes with her palms, grinning.

"You don't have to be shy." Yuvraaj murmured, taking her hands off her eyes and kissed them. "I want to tell you that if we start now, then there will be no going back. There's only one way I know to make love and that is dirty..." He peered in her soul, cinching his grip on her wrists. "...And this type of dirty doesn't wash off. So, I need words if you want this."

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