Chapter 40

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It was the time to unfold the pages that he had kept secretly in his heart unseen for her. Anahita couldn't believe that he said a yes to marry her even after knowing about Mukund. The sensual wave of pleasure had converted into emotional cuddling. Yuvraaj plopped on his back and pulled Anahita over her, clutching tightly to his heart. Anahita's arm found its place around his waist and she clung on to him like her life depended upon him.

"Prior our wedding when your dad came to our house, he demanded to talk to me alone. I had no clue what it was going to be about and I was worried. I worried that something happened to you. You've no idea, how precious you're to me, Anahita. I can bear everything but i can't bear having you in pain." He kissed her forehead and tuck her more into him.

"Then?" She prodded, dying to know what was his decision. Though she knew but she had to learn it from him. She needed to see the face of her heart's master who actually deserved someone better than her. More better than her.

"Then what he told was enough to threw me off the cliff." Yuvraaj guffawed, running his hand down her spine, "He told me you loved someone and you eloped with him that morning. I won't lie when I say I really wanted to kill you for doing something as stupid as that. I was mad at you. I can't explain in words what I was thinking I'll do to you if I get you in my hands. I was immediately about to say a no but then he told me, you came back and you were so guilty over your actions."

Tears pooled in her eyes as she recalled the day of her wedding but the pain had dissipated by then. What made her silently cry and gripped her heart in steel grip was the words Yuvraaj had told her. He knew everything, still he never let her know it. He never taunted her, he never doubted her, he never gave any reason that could make her feel more guilty than she already was.

Squeezing shutting her eyes, she let her tears flow from the corner of her eyes and they puddled on Yuvraaj's chest. Noticing the wetness and shivering body, Yuvraaj tipped her chin to face her.

"Don't cry. Just don't make me guilty." He wiped her tears and kissed her eyes.

"Why would you be guilty? It should be me." She sniffed, not wanting to hide her pain from the person who knew her inside out, "I am sorry Yuvraaj, I've hurt you a lot. It was my fault. I'm a failure. I never kept my parents happy and I gave you the pain a husband would never deserve to bear. Why did you have to marry me? Why didn't you leave me? Why didn't you curse me? Why didn't you torture me? Why did you gather my broken pieces together and hold me to assemble myself? Why did you have to adjust? Why didn't you..."

"Ssshh...." Yuvraaj drew her crying to an end and hugged her tightly, "I'm not as good as you just described. I am selfish. I'm too selfish to let you go. There's no woman in my life except you and there will be no one. I was angry. Accepted. But even in my anger, I wanted you. When your dad told me that you've come back and you're regretting your step. It was cue to me, it was a cue that I could still claim you. That you could still be mine. Only mine. I had to make a wise choice. Either let you go and suffer alone or marry you and make you suffer."

Anahita rubbed her nose in his neck, "I didn't suffer. You haven't let me." Trails of tears drained out from her eyes. Her shoulders jumped slightly every time she hiccupped but she needed to get that out.

"Well, I changed the plan." Yuvraaj stroked her hair, murmuring against her forehead. "Your dad had revealed everything but he also insisted that he trusted you. He said he knew his daughter better, she wouldn't do anything that could make him ashamed. He said that he was telling me everything so that I can never hurt you keeping it as a grudge and if I intent to end the relationship, I was free to do so then only. He was not ashamed in treasuring his daughter than marrying him to a person who can't accept her with her flaws."

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