Chapter 27

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Once everyone was out, Anahita didn't bother to hide her discontentment. She bursted upon Yuvraaj the moment he stepped inside the bedroom, completely disregarding the presence of unconscious woman in their room. "You said she is not going to share the room with us, didn't you? Now what? She is on our bed and that's all because of you."

"What do you expect me to do when I saw that someone was drowning? That time it didn't matter to me because her life was important. Anahita, I have not expected you to be so heartless." He finally lost his calm and retorted making her shun away.

"I am sorry, i was behaving stupid. You did the right thing." She enunciated after a while and rebuffed herself for misplaced jealousy. Ignoring him, she crouched low to pick up the towel and water bottles. Moving past him, she was silently going to put it on their respective places when Yuvraaj grabbed her waist and pulled her against the slab of his chest. He made her pivoted on her heels to face him. Anahita found his T-shirt worth adoring and refused to meet his eyes. Yuvraaj sighed and wrapped his arms tightly around her, blocking the way of air between them.

He dipped his head in her neck kissing her skin softly. Her grip loosened and the bottles tumbled down near their feet. She mentally thanked the staff to put plastic bottles otherwise she could've hurt themselves. Unlike her, Yuvraaj was busy worshipping her skin with devotion. She clutched his shoulder, retreating back with his each step taken forward.

She tumbled upon the couch with Yuvraaj's weight pressing her. Couch caught them perfectly. Anahita shuddered when Yuvraaj rubbed his stubble roughly on her collarbone.

Aware of the trespasser, Anahita whispered his name, calling him out of trance. "Yuvraaj!"

"Don't be hurt, Mou." Yuvraaj brushed off hair from her face. "That bed is all yours till we are here but right now, she needs to be at ease. She could've died, Anahita, do you want me to watch it but don't lend a hand for help?" He asked softly, tipping her chin. Anahita pouted, fiddling with his t-shirts top two buttons. She shook her head at his question and deadened her gaze by degrees.

Yuvraaj inspected the couch and sighed. "Then let's make peace with couch today and when she's awake, you can seize your territory again." He chuckled eliciting her grin as well.

Aroused, he dived to her and kissed her earlobe. "Plus couch is more romantic."

Anahita turned scarlet red and elbowed him, pushing his weight off her in process. "This is the only thing that runs in your mind all the time. Jerk! Now get off me, you're heavy."

Yuvraaj rolled aside and she got up, sprucing her shirt. She sunk to the ground, assembling bottles and towel. She bit her lip to stop smiling and padded to the water camper, she filled the bottles and put them in the refrigerator. Yuvraaj was waiting for her with blanket and pillows when she came back.

"Come!" He patted the space beside her. She readily complied and Yuvraaj switched on the television. His game was resumed. Anahita sighed and leaned on his shoulder, concentrating on the match without complains.

Later that night when they were done with their supper, the couple decided to have rest. Rested above leatherette couch which was considerably small for two people, Yuvraaj pulled Anahita over him securing her waist with his one arm and propped the another one under his head. The unwanted guest was still sprawled upon the bed. Whenever Yuvraaj craned his neck to see the woman, Anahita made a very familiar scowl drawing her eyebrows together. Somewhere, Yuvraaj was also aware of it and his heart fluttered when he realized that she didn't want him to see anyone - any other woman. That spoke of possessiveness if not love.

"Do one thing, go and lay beside her if you're planning to keep your eyes on her all night because it's irritating of having your neck craned when I have my head over your chest." Anahita leered, putting her elbows on his chest and glared him.

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