Chapter 36

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"Are you doing it to cosset me?" Yuvraaj questioned, whispering and stretched his hand to regress her locks that were falling upon her eyes and stabilized his fingers on her nape, razing her over him until they were at eye's level.

"Because you're still unsuccessful. I am not done yet." He whispered against her lips and she put her palm flat against his cheek, "I'm willing to do it until I win and absorb all the pain I inflicted upon you."

"You might regret."

"I won't."

"You remember what you offered?" He bit her lower lip, applying pressure until she moaned and she rested her palms over his sculpted chest, shuddering under his hold.

"Mhmm.." She gave an disproportionate response and pulled back from the kiss, dazzled. "Are you going to slap me?"

"Yes!" He admitted, retracting his hands, "Hard." An unceremonious deafening silence crawled into the room and she pursed her lips, contemplative. When she suggested, she was not sure if it was something she really wanted but looking at Yuvraaj, she realised perhaps it would stitch the wound she had given.

An eye for an eye She perceived, and a slap for a slap.

"Though it makes a person less man, still if it makes you feel better." She preambles, "You can go with it." And closed her eyes, tilting her head, showing her cheek to him.

"You sure?"

"Do it before I change my mind." She was in haste to have this over. In a wink, she found her back pressed upon the bed and her lips moulding in an impromptu kiss. As she realised what exactly happened, Yuvraaj chose the moment to back off and glared her fiercely, "This is first and the last time you've dared to raise your hand upon me but if you so much as think about it again," He tilted her chin up with his two fingers, "I will kill you."

"I am sorry!" A smile stretched upon her lips as she mumbled and Yuvraaj dropped his face in her neck, nipping her tender skin in his canines, "You better be."

She wriggled moaning as he sucked upon a certain spot and she felt vulnerable. A puddle in his hands, her eyes rolled in ecstasy and she hissed carnally as Yuvraaj bite the spot gently before sucking it to ease out the pain. His Bohemian lips traveled the path of her neck, dropping hickeys and traced her jaw deftly. Anahita was drowning deep in the ocean of love he thrown her into and was soaring high and high in the air with him.

"Feeling better?" She wiggled her eyebrows cradling his face and he grinned, scooping her face up for another kiss. The state of overcoming from such spell was a far cry. As Yuvraaj locked his lips with hers, he plunged his tongue straight into her mouth. Anahita wished for the dominance but the battle was won by him, treasuring her moans in his mouth and she ended up curling her toes.

"Why's your dress drenched?"

"Was lying on the beach." She punctuated with a moan as he sucked her chin.

"You've to get out of them soon." His fingers sailing along her shirt and fingered the flimsy material of her corset. Heaving a sigh and chewing her lips, she bunched his fingers up there and Yuvraaj smiled, ticking her neck and shoulder with his kisses.

"Show me your tattoo." He demanded opening the buttons of her slacks and she nodded, wordlessly before sliding off her slacks until it lay bare her endless waxed legs in vision while his lips were constantly working upon her face, drenching her with balmy kisses.

Tossing on her front, she was about to show him the tattooed fireball when he flipped her on her back and shook his head, kissing the deep plateau of her neck, making her skin colourfully adorned with the tiny love bites and soul touching hickeys. He towered her popping each button of her shirt out of the hole. Anahita's fervent and trembling fingers mirrored his movements and she discarded him of his shirt sooner than she thought.

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