Chapter 24

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His words made her snap her head at him and she scrutinized his face to smell out if he was drunk or not. The arrogant and self-centered person he was, wouldn't probably praise her yet the man before her, staring straight in her eyes was not lying either.

"You have no idea when I found you nowhere, I forgot to breath for a moment. I thought I lost you for ever and alone the thought was so scary that I shivered." He confessed, feeling lighthearted, "I am not asking you to be with me forever without your will, just complete me till you are here."

A lone tear slipped from her eyes as she traced the hurt in his voice. She had disappointed everyone, from her family to his family but the person who was suffering the most or who would suffer the most, was Yuvraaj. She didn't like him for his attitude but she was no one to play with his emotions. He got married to her with all his heart and soul and she was incapable of giving either of them.

"I am sorry, Yuvraaj." She finally said the words she was longing to say yet hadn't found the strength. Her mind made a mental note that it was wine's effect. A sane Yuvraaj would never commit something like that.

He sounded Needy. Craved.

"You don't have to be. Now as i know the circumstances you were in, I can easily decipher how hard it would've been for you and I, no longer, hold any grudges for you. I want my wife for these remaining days. I want you." He beheld her gaze intact with him and tramping to her, captivated her soul.

"Let's not fight anymore, let's not hurt each other. Let's try to stay happy. Can i have this? Can I have the pleasure to cherish my wife for next twenty days, Anahita?" His voice jingled with the fear of rejection. A feeling he hadn't experience before, a fear which was gripping his bones, a longing for her answer.

"Will I have the power over your credit cards then?" She whispered slowly, beginning with the question she wanted to demand since the time he pointed out of the biggest glitch between them.

A hearty chuckle escaped from his mouth as he heard her and he nodded, caressing her cheek. "You will have the power over everything. Now, will you answer me?"

With her lips stretching in a brightening smile, lightening up the world within him, she nodded, "Yes. You can have your wife."

Without any preamble, Yuvraaj locked his lips with her, pulling her on his lap and gripped her nape. The life had up until then was a ride of rollercoaster for Anahita. She didn't feel that she was born in a world, she thought she had entered a venture where all she had was the ace of risk. She took risks all the time. Speculated her every step. Be it with falling in love with Mukund, or the attempts she made to cancel Her Wedding, or the decision to elope with Mukund or the biggest peril of her life; nodding a yes to this marriage.

She was venturing all this time with or without her will but This moment, This particular moment she was willing to take a risk, without caring where it would lead her. She wanted to be a leaf in the River and wanted to see where it will flow her.

Wholeheartedly and contented, she weaved her long manicured fingers in his hair, knotting them and pulled him more into her. Yuvraaj was deftly sucking her lower lip and with a final tug, he bit it, earning her gasp as a fluke to enter her mouth. Not a corner was left unexplored, he could taste the sweet bitter taste of wine she just had.

Anahita's tongue fought for dominance and at her antics, he laughed in between the kiss, giving her chance to bite his lip.

"You are very violent." He wheezed out, smiling as he pecked her lips uncountably.

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