Chapter 17

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Anahita slumped down on the bed, hiding her face in her palms and sobbed. She wasn't angry on Yuvraaj, she was furious on herself. This was the second time, she had become vulnerable before him and that proved that she had a hold on her. Though it wasn't something that she could control but her weakness was taking a toll on her. She knew it.

Her heart was heavy as well because she felt like cheating on Mukund. So what if he is not around? So what if he couldn't see what she is doing? So what if she hated for now for yelling on her? It didn't give her the credit to cheat on him.

With her very own husband. Her subconscious reminded her.

What bothered her so much was that Anahita was not feeling anything wrong. She wanted to force herself to feel wrong the thought had something pulling inside her. It was unwelcoming.

It was something, that kiss, meant something. She could feel it. It made her heart raced, it made her inside churned and that was what she regret.

Holding the receiver to her ear, she pressed one for room service and cleared her throat, "One plate chicken scallopini, two pita breads, salad and diet coke, please."

She was thankful that she had browsed some of Italian dishes on internet before coming to Italy. Though, previously the reason was to boost before Yuvraaj that she knew about Italy and its culture, tradition and history but when she did that, she never thought that her husband would make this trip memorable like this.

Sniffing slowly, she crawled on the bed, cursing Yuvraaj, "Dog! pig! Bloody sonuvabitch. What do you think of yourself? I hate you Yuvraaj prakash. I will kill you one day with my bare hands."

Precisely the doorbell rang and she opened the door, peeking outside, "Yes?"

"Ma'am, your order."

"Alright!" She wide opened the door and let the bellboy enter, with the lavish trolley inside. Anahita gawked at the curtained trolley wide eyes. She had just seen it in movies only.

Aai has really thriftlessly arranged it all. She reckoned, standing near the door.

"Ma'am bill." She composed herself and nodded, taking the bill slip. Sauntering to her bags, she crouched down and opened her duffle bag but paused, her mind lightened up with an idea.

She stood on her feet and turned to the bellboy, passing him the slip, "Add this bill under the orders of Beach Villa No.3."

The bellboy seemed apprehensive, confused taking the slip and she smiled, "Actually, my husband lives there. So, now, will you?"

"Sure ma'am!"

"And add as much largesse as you please, he's a gem in the heart." She advised, clasping her hands together. The bellboy nodded, chipping a hearty thank you and waded out.

She smirked, widely "You made me cry, I will make your wallet cry. Argh! I need to curse you a lot." She plopped on the bed, messily devouring the delicious feast.

Lazily wandering in the room, she got bored and ordered more snacks. She called the room service again with some of exotic dishes and filed the bill under Yuvraaj's name.

"28 euros!!!" Yuvraaj screamed in disbelief as he saw the bill slip and looked at the bellboy who was gaping at him. Yuvraaj composed himself and cleared his throat, "Are you sure the bill is of room no. 687 on fifth floor?"

"Yes sir!"

Sighing, he nodded, "Fine, I will clear the bills." He took out his credit card, swiped in the machine and paid the amount.

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