Chapter 20

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“Home sweet home!” Lazily, Yuvraaj toppled on the bed. Sending a smile towards him, Anahita trudged to the dresser to smooth her already puffed hair and try a new hairdo. She began the ritual of brushing her hair.

Casting his peripheral gaze at her, Yuvraaj was silently enjoying looking at her dolling herself. Anahita put the matte cheery red lip colour on her full lips, posing a seductive pout which had nothing to do with the seduction.  
“Anahita!” Yuvraaj crooned. Her name melting like a piece of marshmallow in his mouth.

“Hmm…” She responded without darting her eyes off the mirror and pursed her lips, correcting the colour with tissue.

“Do you have camera?” Yuvraaj queried, flinging his cellphone on the bed and came closer to her.


“Hai una camera?” He asked in Italian, the major dialect known in Sardinia but that confused her more, “Huh?”

Yuvraaj smirked, teasing her with his dark gaze and stood a feet behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and put his chin on her shoulder. “Apalyakadhe camera aahe?”

Since he had already confused her enough that's she couldn't help but whine, “What are you talking, Yuvraaj, I am unable to understand a single word.”

Yuvraaj swivelled her and pulled her, making her crash against his chest. “I asked a simple question 'do you have camera' but I didn't know that you're completely illiterate to understand any of the languages.”

“Very funny. Couldn't you say it in Hindi?” She rolled her eyes, swirling on her heels to face the mirror.

“What's the use of studying in a convent when you can't understand English?” He taunted, scooping her in a hug. “Ah! Not to mention the bogus degree you've from Symbiosis.”

I thought he was seeking apology. Anahita groaned inwardly. She faked a smile and unbarred his grip, “What about your degree? Huh? Mr. Mechanical engineer!”

“As far as I am the CEO." He boasted, tipping her chin, "It doesn't matter."

"You're the CEO because of your dad. Else, I have serious doubts on your abilities!" She countered with her nose in air to have the upper hand.

"You doubt?"

"I do."

"Well then," Out of his knack, Yuvraaj kissed her neck and murmured in her hair, "Let me prove you my abilities."

She sucked a sharp breath lowly as he unpinned her swept hair and drizzled his fingers through them, messing it all the way. As the distance between them got knotted by him, he dipped to her ear and whispered, "I should capture you in my memories like this." Her breath hitched and she gulped, closing her eyes as he nibbled her earlobe, "I have the most beautiful wife.”

The blush which crawled onto her cheeks had nothing to do with the callous act he made but with the intensity of sensuousness she felt when he said those words. She gripped his broad shoulder and tried to gently push him when he constrained her by sliding his svelte arms around her the tender waist.

"Why do you push me all the time?" Anahita felt as she traced the clandestine pain in his voice and the wife in her ceased her efforts. Despite knowing if she tilted her head, she would end up brushing her lips on his cheek, she dared the venture.

When the mother nature plays cupid, surroundings moves on her wish, people becomes mere marionettes and winds conspires to seal the deal.

Anahita brushed her lips against Yuvraaj’s, so softly ever. Neither he moved, nor she repelled. Neither he deepened it, nor she protested. It was just a contact; skin to skin much alike soul to soul. With their hearts beating rhythmically in their ears, they rooted like statues. His hands on Anahita's waist crawled up to her back and gradually disappeared in her hair. Her grip on the material over his shoulders, tightened as she closed her eyes, surrendering, letting him mould her in the shape he desired, letting him taste until he quenched his thirst.

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