Chapter 14

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Anahita closed her eyes, sighing as the plane took off. Her flight fear gripped her in steel clutches whereas Yuvraaj was all cool, busy in his iPad. They had boarded the plane and managed to secure the seats beside window. For the first time, Yuvraaj's courtesy kicked him and he offered the window seat to her, sitting beside her on the aisle one.

Announcements were being made by the stewardess. They were strolling around to check whether everyone had tightened the seatbelts and it was making Anahita nervous. She was a proper Indian, comfortable in the dancing trains to travel across the country but planes never went well with her. What if it crashed? What if she died? So many questions flooded in her brains.

She peeked at Yuvraaj through her lashes and hesitated, “Yuvraaj?”


“Will you please hold my hand?” She solicited flouncing and he glanced at her, “I won't.”

His eyes darkened and his features constructed. Yuvraaj didn't want to hold her hand because he was afraid, perhaps, he wouldn't ever leave her hand but he knew very well that she would not be with him for ever and he couldn't hurt himself more.

“Why?” She mumbled, still clutching and releasing her fist in fear, the plane was still running on the runaway.

“I am not here for your petty fears. You're grown up, stop leaning on others. Face your fears.” He gave a mini speech and focused on his iPad again.

Anahita clenched her jaw and unable to fight, she tightly clung his arms, shutting her eyes squeezed. She requested, “Please let me hold you. Don't push away, I am afraid.”

Yuvraaj didn't bother to reply and pretended to stay oblivious. Nonetheless, he covered her hand with his and closed his eyes. Gradually, the plane soared up in the air, amidst clouds and Anahita opened her eyes, thankful that she was safe.

Untangling her limbs from Yuvraaj, she straightened herself and gazed at him who was stoically indulged in his iPad.

“Thanks. I am, um, afraid of take off.” She verbalized in gratitude.

“I figured, when you jumped upon me like a kangaroo.” He nodded, uninterested, sparing her a look.

Surprised to an extent, Anahita stared at him for his disinterest. What could've been possibly the reason of his sudden rudeness? Not that he was lovely before but now he had gotten a bit too worse. Perhaps; he had finally chalked out that I won't give up before him. Dominant part of her smirked in glee and she sighed.

Good riddance!  

“What are you doing?” She asked noncommittally, after an hour of boredom. A cup of coffee and twenty minutes of retaliation plans to piss him off for his earlier acts, couldn't enchant her.

“Watching porn.” He apprised her without filter much to her horror and went on, “Need a little tutorial on new positions.”

Anahita choked on the coffee she was drinking and coughed. She cringed at the moment, her brain processed his words and she made a face. “ are watching it in public? There are people around us. What they will think? Is it the only thing that swings in your head?”

“You're saying as if you hadn't watched any. C'mon, you had a boyfriend. I believe you must've enjoyed phone coital.” He said with a straight face and amended, “Oh, you have a boyfriend.”

“That doesn't mean I could do know what. I haven't and I haven't watched what you're watching.” Anahita retorted looking away and unnecessarily enlightened him as if she were washing off the blame.

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