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No person can be so distraught and long-faced as Anahita on a romantic date and definitely, no one can be so traumatic to not even initiate a conversation. A lavish dinner at seven star hotel in Mumbai to cheer up his sulking girlfriend made a hole in Mukund's wallet but the romantic ambiance and delicious Italian cuisine did nothing to hinder her scornful thoughts over the whole chaos and did less to gladden her.

"Mukund save me. You promised that you'll marry me, now it's time. Do something." Anahita whimpered while Mukund was busy replying emails. He glanced at her briefly and placed his cellphone back on the red and white checked tablecloth, spread neatly on the table.

"Just calm down, Anahita. We will think of something." He played the same dialogue on loop. Irritated, Anahita banged her fist on the table. "I can't calm down. It's my bloody life they're playing with. I am not going to tolerate this anymore. Do something."

"Alright! Alright!" Mukund grabbed her wrists to calm her down and hushed. "I will think of something. Don't worry."

"I've already thought of it." She revealed, pouting and Mukund inclined his eyebrows in suspicion, trying to read through her brain. He knew that the mask of expression she wore - lips cornered in a smirk and wide eyes glinting with tenacity - was that of devilish picture of her elfish ideas.

"What is it?" He permitted words to slip past his lips, patiently waiting for her reply.  

"Let's elope. I can't wait anymore to be with you, Mukund. Let's run away. Far away from everyone and everything where he doesn't even get to catch a glimpse of me." Anahita twitched her lips disgustingly, mentioning the 'he' who had made her life miserable and pitiable.  

Mukund rolled his eyes at her nonsensical demand. "Stop watching Indian drama. This thing is getting into your brain."

"I'm serious Mukund." Anahita furrowed her eyebrows.

"So am I."

"Then fine." She scoffed, leaning back on her plush chair. "See me getting married to that chimpanzee. Meanwhile, I will try to imbibe this painful truth that our love was never worth fighting for."

"Anahita." Mukund sighed, kissing her knuckles but she didn't spare him a glance, "Running away is not as easy as you've made it sound. It's not 'Jab We Met' after all. It is real life and I've to make proper arrangements for us. This needs time."

"Mukund, I've my wedding in month. We can't wait any longer." She whined.


"I don't know anything. You've to take me out of this mess. I've been bearing him since my childhood but that's it. Not anymore am i going to entertain him. He bosses me everywhere and the worst part, everyone thinks it is romantic. Like hell, it is romantic. No one wants to see through his facade. He bloody enjoys torturing me." Anahita blabbered and her worried expression manifested fear as she tried to envision 'him' as her husband - the owner of most handsome face yet dirty and dangerous mind with a sinister smirk plastered upon his lips and his smoldering coffee brown eyes, like someone had mixed two spoonful coffee in hot water until it started glossing - winking at her. She quickly shook her head, "No no-no, I can't marry him. I can't tolerate him anymore. Mukund, please save me from him. Please take me away, I don't want to marry him." Her eyes brimmed and her lower lip rolled out.

"Hold on! Why do you want to elope with me? I mean you want to marry me because you love me or because Yuvraaj is bossy?" Mukund asked, cocking an eyebrow. Anahita blinked perplexed before crying out. "Of course because I love you."

"Better!" Mukund flashed a satisfied smile and she pleaded, "Yeah. Smile and make a plan fast. We have got this month only, actually twenty-three days to be precise. Alright?"

"Yes. Don't worry, we'll do something." He reassured her, squeezing her palm and tossed a kiss on her forehead. Although tensed, Anahita felt her insides melting like an iceberg with his slightest touch and she murmured, closing her eyes.

"Please save me, Mukund. I beg you."

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