Chapter 10

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"How dare you touch me?" Anahita pounced on him as he set his foot inside their room, "Who do you think you are?"

"Shut up! I saved you from further interrogation because no girl in their right mind would refuse to meet her family. I didn't my family to suffer because of you." Yuvraaj said and moved to his cupboard.

Anahita followed him closely, "You know what, you successfully made me feel like a bitch but I am not, okay. Why will they get hurt if I don't want to go that home?"

An extremely frustrated Yuvraaj spun to face her, "I am really surprised now. Why don't you want to go your home? Is it because of your butter spine boyfriend?"

"Excuse me! He's not butter spine and it is my personal matter." She retorted, making him sigh.

"Fine!" Yuvraaj raised his hands in surrender, "We will leave from here and I will throw you at your home, then go wherever you want to. I won't come behind. Now get ready."

"Throw me? Did you say that? What am I? A garbage!" All she could see was red, his each word added on to her anger and she threw the perfume bottle kept on the table.

So swift, in a friction, she was plastered to the nearby wall by him. Yuvraaj tightly gripped her wrist, stamping on the fact to leave marks and greeted his teeth.

"Listen to me once and all Anahita, I do not like violence, especially with a girl. So just don't push me. The days you've decided to spent here, you'll be wending them on my terms, understand?"

His eyes clouded with fury, "What you did just now, if you repeat it again. I'll do something that we both will regret of it for the rest of our life. So behave yourself. Be a civil woman, not a barbaric. Don't make me tame you, trust me, you won't like that. I am not a man who allows his woman to behave so rustically. I am not saying anything doesn't mean I will allow you to cross limits. If you don't want your hatred for me to increase, if you don't want to see me at my worst, I suggest stop getting under my skin and behave yourself." His eyes got darker by each passing moment. Anger in Anahita's eyes dissipated and fear filled the void. She frantically squirmed to get out of his grip but the more she wriggled, the more he twisted her wrist.

"Ah! Leave me Yuvraaj." She winced, trying to unclasped his grip.

"Answer me that you will behave." Yuvraaj demanded, twisting her wrist making her whimper more.

She nodded frantically, tears streamed down her eyes. Yuvraaj left her hand and ruffled his hair.

"Now just get out of here!" He yelled.

Anahita jumped to her feet, shaking in fear and pranced out, not bothering to look at her again. She cursed her parents for finding someone like Yuvraaj for her, for throwing her before this demon. She was certain that she wouldn't want to stay in this relationship where Yuvraaj physically abused her.

She wiped her tears and leaned on the balcony. Her thoughts circled their journey in a wink. Yuvraaj was never nice to her. He pulled the act of being nice before everyone and now when they were married, he was showing his true colours. He never needed a wife, he wanted a slave.

Anahita sobbed profusely judging where she was stuck. Crying before him was the last thing she would do. He thought himself a ruler and what was she to him, a prisoner. Rubbing her nose, she hiccupped and pledged to never cross his way again.


Hauling up the car before Maurya Mansion, Yuvraaj ignited off the engine and waited for her to step out. Angularly, Anahita remained sitting on her seat, looking away. Yuvraaj glanced at her and sighed. He stepped out, rounded the car and clicked open the door for her. Anahita blankly stared at him and the big white Mansion before her. Last time she was here, her mother slapped her and her father abandoned her. The reason, she believed, was stupid; she just wanted her happiness.

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