Chapter 38

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*First thing I'd love to share is, the book has reached another milestone what I set for it. Now, the book is 'Wattpad Indian Featured Romance Novel'. It has happened in a pig's whisper. Innit?*


Anahita scrunched her nose in discomfort as she was blocked when she decided to toss other side. The substantial weight on her left made her immobile. With her closed eyes, maneuvering her free hand, she tried to loose Yuvraaj's grip on her waist but that turned out to be her mistake because, she was anchored closer to him with a powerful shoving.

He gripped her waist more possessively, breathing softly in the crook of her neck and the warm breath that was fanning her neck, deepened. Sense started trapping her and her gallbladder gave a call. She shook him a little and in his deep slumber, Yuvraaj started kissing her neck, rubbing his hand on her bare waist.

"Yuv...Yuvraaj! Put your arm aside." She rasped hoarsely taking his hand off still half asleep but he remained fix in her neck and groaned lightly, he tightened his grip. Irritated, she pinched his arm and wincing, Yuvraaj took his arm aside, tossing on his back and hugged the side pillow tightly, dipping his face in it.

Throwing the blanket aside, revealing herself to light she experienced the cool breeze swaying against her, making her shiver. She propped herself on her elbows, still rubbing her eyes and blinking softly. Dangling her feet to the side, she groped for her dress but the first thing that she found was his T-shirt and pulling it over her head, she staggered to the bathroom.

Being done with her routine, she had a quick bath. An important event was awaiting for her. She needed to clear her matter with Mukund and having the discussion before Yuvraaj was probably not something she wanted to do. She never wanted to keep these two man face to face. They must be hidden from each other as long as possible. She was aware of Yuvraaj and Mukund both. She didn't want a bloodbath for her. Now, when she was certain that she loved Yuvraaj and she had an idea that he loved her too. There's no way she was going to ruin it. But at the same time, hurting Mukund was also going to be tough.

Loyal or not, Supportive or not, love or not, Mukund still acted as a catalyst between Yuvraaj and her. If he wasn't the reason, she would never be with Yuvraaj. At least, he deserved a proper adiós. Getting ready, she came out to the bedroom to witness the Yuvraaj sleeping peacefully and snoring soundly.

A smile crept on her lips, as she watched that he had clutched the pillow tightly to him. Probably he is mistaking it as me. She fondled the thought. Crouching low before him on the ground, she adored his face and kissed his lips soundly, after removing the tufts of hair on his forehead.

"I'll be back soon. Bye. And I love you." She murmured against his lips. She sucked his lip one other time and rose to her feet. "Sleep well."

Closing the door behind her, she escaped out. She didn't have her cellphone with her, hence she couldn't contact Mukund and decided to wait for him by the poolside.

Anahita edged up by the pool with very calculative moves, her body was there but her mind is back in Villa with her husband, laughing, bickering, kissing, cuddling. Blush rose to her cheeks as last night danced before her eyes.

"Anu.." She stiffened at the echo of very familiar brittle voice that belonged to none other than mukund, once her beloved.

"I am so happy to see you, baby. It has been weeks but I feel it has been years I last saw you." Mukund blabbed, hugging her but none of his words fell in her ears.

"Mukund!" She pressed one hand on his chest, distancing their frame and smiled contemplatively, "It is good to see you too but I am here to come onto something more important."

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