Chapter 32

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The speakers were blaring at the top and Yuvraaj was waiting for his wife's impenitence who had, with an outlandish move, stood stunned on the dancefloor and rushed to the powder room next instant, making him confused to his core. It was his third drink as he roved his eyes around and his head bobbed on the rhythm at his own accord along with the tapping of his foot.

He was slightly startled by a familiar echo of cellphone ringtone buzzing around him. It was Anahita's cellphone. He dared to open her clutch and found her cellphone inside, vibrating and screaming at its loudest. Anahita was so disoriented that she had forgotten her clutch back to him and it was thrown unattended on the bar counter.

"Who could it be?" He furrowed his eyebrows together as he glanced at the private number blinking on the screen.

Deeming whether to intrude her privacy or not, he settled with the former one and picked up the call. Before he could even say hello, the desperate and needy words poured from the other side, making his cool and collected state turbulent and frenzied.

"Anu, baby, why are you not taking my calls. I am really sorry for the way I've behaved with you but baby, you know I meant nothing." Yuvraaj curled his fist as the words resonated in his ears and his breathing raged.

"I love you Darling." Yuvraaj flared like a mad bull as he heard someone calling his wife, Darling. Yet he held himself back from cursing out loud because he was certain that it was Mukund.

Anger seeped in his calm demeanour and betrayal crossed his mind. He concluded that Anahita was cheating him all this time and she completely was in touch with Mukund whereas he was soaring up in the air thinking that he was the only one getting her attention and love, the thought itself made him chunk the glass in pieces which was gripped tight in his hands. She never wanted this relation he knew it but he tried to win her. He genuinely wanted their marriage to work out. It was difficult for him to overlook the fact that she was in love with someone but he was ready to give them a chance.

And what she did?

She used him. She propped him and still managed to stay in touch with Mukund. Right under his nose. Yuvraaj was agitated on him more than Anahita, how could he think that he would be able to avert her? Wasn't he aware that she went against her family for this spineless creature; Mukund, then he was certain she would go against him too.

"Hello, baby...are you there?"

"Your baby is busy. And if you don't mind get the fuck out of our life, you bastard! She is my fucking wife and I don't fucking want any asshole to contact her. So just stay away from her." Yuvraaj snarled and threw her phone on the floor, breaking it into pieces.

"Get me a whiskey." He roared at the bartender and chugged it down in a go. He kept asking to refill his glass. Anger was oozing from his and the people around could touch it. All the kisses he shared with her, every time he hugged her, all the touches they shared started revolving before his eyes like farrago slides and he clenched his jaw.

She was faking. She was faking when she agreed to his twelve days condition.

He looked away from the dancefloor and squeezed shut his eyes, recalling how he began to feel complete with her soft laughter buzzing in his ears. How he felt proud when she snuggled closer in her sleep and clutched his shirt as if her life depended upon him. How ecstatic it was when they kissed each other and roamed around the city hand in hand.

"I won't forgive you for this, Anahita." He hissed and turned to leave when he escaped dashing into a slim petite beauty coming towards him.

"Hey," She smiled at him on purpose, "We met again." Genuine happiness was evident on her face. At least, she's genuine. Yuvraaj scoffed at the reality. The woman he rescued was before him, smiling genuine while his own wife faked everything. Even the jealousy.

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