Chapter 28

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Glaring pointedly at her half naked husband emerging out of the waters, Anahita sulked. To witness him raking his fingers through the wet heavy mass of thick hair wasn't as maddening as the brunette bevy gawking at him with their eyes hung out of the sockets.

"This man just can't cover himself." Anahita muttered angrily, rising to her full height and scuttled to the giggling mass of slim figures she was kinda jealous of.

"Hey girls!" She waved at them before pointing at Yuvraaj who was looking around for her. "He is taken. He's my husband." She made them known showcasing a jaw stiffening smile, contemplating whether she'll be able to restrain herself from doing something violent if they try to argue her.

"Oh! Lucky you." They mewed and waded away from the sight of an extremely irked wife.

A part of her was delighted that the most sexy tangle of limb belonged to her but the other part of hers was equally cursing her to ask him to tag along in the beach when she knew that clothes didn't fit well with Yuvraaj. He itched to take off his shirt and display his body. Then again the fact that he did have a body worth ogling was not helping her anyway.

Slumping her shoulder down, she staggered to her lounge chair and plopped down. In no time, Yuvraaj trudged to her, mirth radiating from his body as he winnowed his hair, sprinkling water on her.

"That was so much fun. God! I missed ocean." He said cheerfully, squeezing himself beside her and Anahita glared him sideways, "I can see how happy you are!"

Glancing over her, he dried his hair with the towel, "What's with you and that tone?"


"You want me to wear shirt in water, don't you? C'mon! Who does that?" He talked sense judging right but Anahita looked away and a delighted smirk formed upon his lips as he roved his finger upon her jaw and tilted her chin, "You jealous?"

She scoffed, pushing him back, "Puhlease! I am not."

Yuvraaj sprawled beside her, resting his head upon her lap, "I know you are. You see, if i had such a hot and handsome husband, I would've been jealous too. That's a common thing and you're not at fault because we are suppose to be possessive if we have something extraordinary."

Anahita gaped at him, "Gosh! Where have you earned this perkiness, Yuvraaj?" Her fingers found their way in his damp hair and she played with his tufts, giggling.

"Tired?" She dropped kisses on his forehead as he laid resting his head on her lap, closing his eyes. He uplifted his head as Anahita bended to kiss his forehead again and her lips brushed against his. Surprised, Anahita widened her eyes, remaining in the same position and looked around. "Yuvraaj....there are people watching us."

Blinking his eyes adorably at her, it took just one swipe of his hand to make a see through curtain of her hair over them that actually hid their faces and he winked at her. "Problem solved. Now shall we...." His palm rested over her head pressing her down but she placed her palm over his lips.

"You're incorrigible." She murmured before flicking her hair back and leaned back on the lounge, making Yuvraaj sigh, "Great! Come closer to your man and then run away as if he has plague. Do you know you're jabbing my ego, Mrs. Prakash?" He asked tracing his fingers on her neck and she bunched them up as they began to travel south, "Don't worry, Mr. Prakash, your ego is infinitude and even if I jab it, it won't end."

"Since, I am not welcomed here.." Yuvraaj got up, ruffling his hair, "I'll resort to blue water. Do you wanna join?"

"No thanks!"

"C'mon Anahita, aren't you the one who threatened to poison me if I didn't take you to beach, so what are you waiting now?" He threw the towel on the chair and pulled her on her feet.

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