Chapter 18

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“What the hell do you have to say?” Anahita croaked, her voice sounded brittle and low as if She would burst into tears any moment. With that, Yuvraaj forgot why he came all the way here and asked quietly, “Why are you crying?”

“Because I am so happy. Satisfied? Now go.” She replied almost shutting the door. Yuvraaj played upon the opportunity and slipped his foot inside through the gap. He broke inside making her repel.

“When I ask something, answer me straightlaced. When I speak, look at me. When I say something, comply with it.” He intoned taking predatory steps at her after latching the door. Anahita successfully enjoyed the show and sighed. She perched on the bed and laid down facing the other wall.

“Anahita!” Yuvraaj called and she closed her eyes, pretending to sleep. Yuvraaj stared at her. She closed the distance between them and sat on her side. His hands reached up to turn her. Anahita didn't object when he turned her but she kept her eyes shut.

“Anahita, what happened?” He caressed her cheek. “Why are….you so warm?”

“Why do you care?” She whispered, trying to turn away. Yuvraaj held her shoulders and jerked up her to sit. He cupped her face and wiped her already dried up tears, “Now tell me, why are you crying? Are you not feeling well?”

She parted her lips only to be intervene, “Don't be sarcastic. Answer me categorically.”

“Why?” Yuvraaj glanced at him with hurt mirroring in her eyes.

“So that I can take care of posthumous shenanigans if you're planning to cry till death.” He played reverse psychology with her knowing that coaxing wouldn't work with her.

“Of course, that's what you all want.” She teared up again, “No one wants to see me alive. Everyone hates me, no one trusts me. What's the use of living if I am all alone?” She sobbed hiding her face in her hands. Yuvraaj slowly wrapped his hands around, waiting to be pushed if she had planned that but when she didn't, he held her closer and tucked her face in his chest.

Turmoiled with her emotional breakdown, Anahita surrendered immediately sheathing her hands around his waist and cried her heart out.

“No one Mom accepted whe....n Misti...aunty told that....I...might cross..ed all limits w....ith Mukund, dad...didn't even...bel..ieve me me...wh..wh..whore.” She managed to spurt out interspersed with hiccups and Yuvraaj rubbed her back soothing her without uttering anything.

“Mukund, he said that?” He asked through clenched jaw and she nodded, hugging him closer.

“That bastard!” The ever so calm and composed Yuvraaj finally lost it and cussed. How possibly anyone dared to dishonor his wife?

“Why did he say it?”

“I...confe...ssed about...tha..that kiss. Anahita stuttered, still sobering up and if Yuvraaj was mad before, he was retarded now, he distanced their frames and greeted his teeth, “He cursed you because we kissed. How dare he? That...wait, why the hell did you tell him about it?”

“I was...guilty.” She mumbled, wiping her tears. Hurt seeped in Yuvraaj, my wife felt guilty after kissing me. His subconscious howled in pain, he didn't regret. He didn't feel guilty. He would feel ecstatic if it was her first kiss and he was the one to stole it. Though the chances were pretty low.

“You were guilty because we kissed?” He couldn't hide the pain and disappointment in his voice that made Anahita shiver.

“I was guilty on going behind his back.” That was the truth she never felt guilty for the kiss. The only guilt was of going behind Mukund's back but now, even that started to disappear.

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