Chapter 2

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"You're late! Ten minutes precisely." Yuvraaj glanced at his watch as Anahita approached him, donned in black slacks and white crop top, matched up with purple crochet drape. Her hair left open, bouncing in flames on her shoulder with each step she took, juicy lips coloured pink and feline eyes lined with kohl.

"Oh, shut up Mr. Stopwatch!" Anahita rolled her eyes, circled him and opened the passenger door for her. Once inside, she fastened the seatbelt and turned to see him clicking the door shut after hurrying inside.

He glared her. "I am your husband, Anahita. Talk to me with respect."

"Not yet." She smirked, flashing a grin to him and Yuvraaj poked her forehead. "Smart eh? It doesn't matter because i will be your husband, would be Mrs. Yuvraaj Prakash."

"Exactly!" Anahita nodded her head, with a fake smile. "Would be."

"And that will be. Don't you worry, sweetheart, we will get married." Yuvraaj was confident.

"Ain't you over confident?" Anahita rolled her eyes.

"There's no one who can complement you better than me and you should be thankful to your stars that I'm getting married to you." Yuvraaj shrugged, making no attempts to start the car.

"We getting late, Yuvraaj. Aai must be waiting for us and i have better plans for the evening than listening your self acclamation." Anahita batted her eyes in dramatic manner before looking away. Yuvraaj ignited the engine on and geared up the car, bringing it to life. "Showing off this stinking not so impressive attitude of yours, you're just adding on to your sufferings. Don't you worry, I will make you dance on my tunes for the rest of our life."

"We will see." Anahita twitched her lips, cursing him inwardly.

"Yes. We have all our life to see each other." Yuvraaj said in a sing sang voice.

The drive to South City Mall was short and silent. Yuvraaj had tuned in a radio frequency that played all her favourite songs on loop, providing her a peaceful ambiance to tolerate twenty minutes journey with the devil of her life. They were meeting after four straight years; except their engagement month back and their equation was same as before.

Nothing had changed, except Anahita's unofficial relationship status. When she accepted Mukund's proposal two months back, she thought it would be the end of the torture, her family was putting her through by drilling Yuvraaj's choices and lifestyle in her mind. But now, that seemed a haze. A beautiful dream she was living and suddenly she was yanked back into bitter reality.

"You Alright?" Yuvraaj broke her chain of thoughts and she nodded, still looking outside at the fading canopy. She couldn't divulge anything to Yuvraaj. She was scared of his reaction and more than that, she was scared to face her Aai-Baba part two - Yuvraaj's parents - who were very much an integral part of her life. She had spent sixty percent of her childhood with them and they loved her same as her parents, perhaps more than them.

She couldn't bring herself to break their heart. It was a dream to everyone to watch them getting married and by revealing her love life before everyone, she would simply hurt them.

"We're here!" Yuvraaj said, stopping the car right before the mall, "Aai is waiting at entrance with Baba and I will join you guys after parking the car."

"Wait!" Anahita impeded him, for the first time. "I will wait for you here. I don't want Aai to..."

"Okay then wait, I will be right back." Yuvraaj finished it for her and drove the car to parking lot.

"Aai!" Anahita engulfed Yuvraaj's mother in a tight hug reaching where Mr and Mrs. Prakash were waiting for them. Just three weeks had left for the dream wedding and both families were on shopping spree.

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