Chapter 21

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"Selfish pig!" Anahita curses, groaning and her eyes throws daggers at calmly sitting yuvraaj who is busy in a conference on his laptop.

She whirls back to the sea and occludes the urge to strangle him. The swing in the balcony is her mourning room. Whenever she's low or feeling down, she sits on the wooden plank and wraps her hands around her knees, spending hours in pitying herself and cursing her husband.

"It was all his tactic and I, being innocent tad, fell into his trap." She pities herself and her face drops, she looked down at her feet in the sand and absentmindedly swings them, "Swine. I was not wrong when I said I hate him. He's a heartless monster."

She retains calling him names. It has been three days, she has set her foot out their Villa except for dinner and a lazy wander. She considers Yuvraaj heartless enough to arrange his conference even on being holidays. He was extremely busy working past two days and today, since the moment she has opened her eyes. He was stuck to his laptop. She felt suffocated within the four walls. Last trip fascinated her so much that she wanted to enjoy but certainly Yuvraaj didn't want that.

As her calm and collected facade starts peeling off, she rises to her feet and strides to him, folding her hands belligerently.

Seeing anahita on his head, yuvraaj holds out his index finger and pauses the conference, removing the earplugs, glancing at her questionably, "What happened?"

Not to come out as needy, she plays, "I think you have no concern for others efforts."


"Yes. I mean, aai spent so much for us and you..are wasting all the money by sitting inside. Why don't we go out and explore the city?" She suggests, measuring her words and he smirks, "If we'll go outside, we will spent more money than being here. Now tell me what is smart way?"

"I never knew you're so penurious. You shouldn't have come here if you are afraid of costing a penny." She jibes and yuvraaj waves his hand, dismissing her as his call resumes, "Will talk later."

"I am not dying to talk to you either." She spats and stomping her foot, trolls back to the balcony. Beach is so serene but she is tired of walking alone. Anahita is the kind who suffers from athazagoraphobia. She is not peripatetic rather Limerick. Yuvraaj's indifference isn't something she ponders much but her indifferent attitude is what making her nervous.

Anahita surmises that her growing attachment for him would end up causing another heartbreak, it would build up a spell of hiraeth yet she couldn't bring herself to repel.

To crown it all, mukund is not a relief at all. His increasing rates of calls and the messages pinged her so much that she block listed him. Anahita is also the type who never allows any jab on their self respect. She is not certain what and how her life is heading yet she want to make decisions, like always.

Her cellphone beeps again and frown lines appears on her forehead, she has no idea how again mukund manage to call her up but when she checks the caller ID, her face lightens up.

"Hello, aai! Tu kasa ahes?(how are you?)" She chirps like a morning bird as she notices it is her mother in law.

"Me changla aahe. Majhi avadati mulgi kashi aahes? Tumche pati tumla uttam vagdook det aahe ka? Apan anand ghet aahat?(I am completely good. How's my favourite daughter? Is your husband treating you good? Are you guys having fun?)" Mrs. Prakash bombards anahita with questions and she giggles.

"Yes. I am good but your son is not." She complaints, pouting like a kid, "He is keeping me captive in the Villa. It has been three days since we have gone out. I am seeing anything else except sea, ceiling, bed, bathroom, wardrobe and that's it."

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