Life Sucks If You're Married To A Billionaire by Krystel_Grace69
Life Sucks If You're Married To A...by Krystel Grace
Truly, life sucks for the stubborn Kei. Since he turned 21, he hated how his life turned up for the worst. Why, you may ask? It is all because of the devious Jace Langlo...
  • lgbt
  • france
  • romance
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Coincidentally by Sheerio1621
Coincidentallyby Sheerio1621
Started 8/17/2018 • Daily Updates Coincidences happen, but how many are too many? Emilee Sanders is a perfectionist. Everything about her simple life needs to be absolu...
  • adult
  • beach
  • tragic
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RiKara: The Trial Honeymoon (completed) by Savina96
RiKara: The Trial Honeymoon (compl...by Savina Nazareth
Highest Ranking: #1 in #Rikara, #1 in #dilboleoberoi One holiday. Seven days. One coincidental mistake. One room. One bed. One hot affair. She falls in love with a man w...
  • love
  • gaurikumarisharma
  • omgauri
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The Bad Boy's Got Bets (COMPLETED) by honeymoon-avenue
The Bad Boy's Got Bets (COMPLETED)by honeymoon-avenue
Jade Pesado was perfectly happy with her life, but when "bad boy" Ryder Steele moves in next door she doubts his family will be there long. But after an annoyi...
  • barbarapalvin
  • honeymoon
  • avenue
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Living A Fake Life (Slowly Editing) by kater1n
Living A Fake Life (Slowly Editing)by Katerin
I was forced into a marriage of my parent's choosing. Strapped down and saddled to a man who only cared about himself. I couldn't force myself out of the marriage becaus...
  • love
  • chicklit
  • wedding
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Magical Treasure❗❗❗ by mishujain3008
Magical Treasure❗❗❗by Mishu
Heyyy friends🖐.... I have noticed that some writers get late in updating because they were searching for pics of some specific scenes and other things which in turn an...
  • heels
  • royalty
  • ishqbaaz
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Lana Del Rey's memes by Angelina_Ph
Lana Del Rey's memesby Angelina Ph
A collection of memes for Lana Del Rey fans Please vote if you like the memes Credit: The Internet and on pictures 29/08/2017
  • l4l
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Finding love after nikkah by princess-ayesha
Finding love after nikkahby _emaan_
"You are mad!!. you are crazy!!. your not normal by any definition Azeeza. I'm telling you, you need psychiatric help. No wonder whoever you come across leaves you...
  • halaal
  • azeeza
  • muslimah
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uttarakhand honeymoon tour by traveltourister
uttarakhand honeymoon tourby traveltourister
uttarakhand honeymoon tour - <p>Nainital </p> Travel Agents. Call@ 9971482795.
  • honeymoon
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The Soulmate by v_poppadummy
The Soulmateby Violet Reyna
Teresa Sheats has been dumped on the day of her wedding. Desperate to find a solution, her fiancé Michael's best friend, Alex, is left with only hours to help her out of...
  • heartbreak
  • love
  • alex
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Mr.&Mrs Kight by princess_horan_1993
Mr.&Mrs Kightby princess_horan_1993
Summary: Theodore knight your 26 year old hot billionaire. He never has had a girlfriend and doesn't believe in love. This will all change when his parents say he needs...
  • hugs
  • rich
  • billionaire
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Wife for life by beckhamsposh
Wife for lifeby The Bride
Sequel to 'You're My Lust For Life' If you haven't read that, I suggest you do before you read this because you may get confused if you don't. So Lana and The Weeknd are...
  • abel
  • theweeknd
  • tesfaye
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HONEYMOON | m.yg by ulookprettae
HONEYMOON | m.ygby ari
Because going on a honeymoon is the best way to screw up an already messed up marriage. *** Started: 25/7/2018
  • bddaward
  • suga
  • bts
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Mommy Mouse (sequel to City Mouse) by TaniHanes
Mommy Mouse (sequel to City Mouse)by TaniHanes
🐹Highest Ranking: #50 in Chick Lit 🐹 Martha Mouse Cameron is newly engaged and living with her fiancé, Henry Gardener, and his young son, Leo, in New York City. She's...
  • newadultread
  • bride
  • sexy
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In Pursuit of: Justine™ by DawnMDrake
In Pursuit of: Justine™by Dawn-Marie Drake
The Corwin Brothers (Book 3) Can a need to "Protect" ever turn to "Love?" (John McCay) "Paula, where did Justine go? You know something that yo...
  • romance
  • honeymoon
  • fiction
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Five Weeks √ by CheesePuffsAndLatte
Five Weeks √by Shruti
*Wattpad Indian Ambassador's Featured Novel* [Milestones: Winner of Little Moonlight Award] {Highest Ranking - #10 in romance} {New Ranking System - #1 in issues, #5 in...
  • love
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Another First Love by HaslindaTalib
Another First Loveby haslindatalib
***Inspired by true incidents*** A newly married man named Peter Parsons just lost his wife to the big waves of tsunami during their honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia. Weeks...
  • featured
  • daughter
  • indonesia
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MIYARIMA: A World Tour (A Your Lie in April AU Fanfiction) (Slow Update) by LHT1995
MIYARIMA: A World Tour (A Your Lie...by Luke
Alternate Universe. Kaori survived her cancer surgery and soon, she confessed her love for Kousei. Things are going to be better.. Years later, with their names on the r...
  • contemporary
  • violin
  • honeymoon
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Honeymoon || A happy SM imagine💕 by ShawnMendesIsBaeXoxo
Honeymoon || A happy SM imagine💕by Mendes Army💕 || Jia Yi
This series is just to make you feel happy and you can let your imagination run wild as you go on a Honeymoon as newlyweds with your husband, Shawn. NOTE: This is not co...
  • fanfiction
  • married
  • fan
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The Honeymooners by AlenaLeikela
The Honeymoonersby Alena Leikela
When two newly married Virgins go on their honeymoon, it will be filled with adventures. But, this couple in particular is different, because their adventures have a spe...
  • fear
  • honeymoon
  • sexual