Life Sucks If You're Married To A Billionaire by Krystel_Grace69
Life Sucks If You're Married To A...by Krystel Grace
(SAMPLE ONLY! FULL VERSION ON AMAZON!) Truly, life sucks for the stubborn Kei. Since he turned 21, he hated how his life turned up for the worst. Why, you may ask? It is...
  • husbands
  • homosexual
  • romance
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Betrothed to the wrong gentleman: Historical Fiction by Sinaidkincaid16
Betrothed to the wrong gentleman:...by Sinaidkincaid16
SYNOPSIS Lady Madison Sanford dreams of a blissful life being married to a gentleman with a title, and settling down to a contented life, taking her place as a lady in t...
  • money
  • theatre
  • sea
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The Bad Boy's Got Bets (COMPLETED) by honeymoon-avenue
The Bad Boy's Got Bets (COMPLETED)by honeymoon-avenue
Jade Pesado was perfectly happy with her life, but when "bad boy" Ryder Steele moves in next door she doubts his family will be there long. But after an annoyi...
  • completed
  • good
  • coltonhaynes
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Mommy Mouse (sequel to City Mouse) by TaniHanes
Mommy Mouse (sequel to City Mouse)by TaniHanes
🐹Highest Ranking: #50 in Chick Lit 🐹 Martha Mouse Cameron is newly engaged and living with her fiancé, Henry Gardener, and his young son, Leo, in New York City. She's...
  • sexy
  • newyorkcity
  • steamy
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Falling For You  by mazna4501
Falling For You by Mazna
It came as a shock to the business world when famous Business Tycoon Shivaay Singh Oberoi announced Annika,the girl with no name,bloodline or lineage as his wife.They se...
  • asso
  • love
  • honeymoon
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Loving You  by QueenMazzy
Loving You by QueenMazzy
******** I was paralysed in shock, unable to move my hand to my joystick and move to a different table. "Salma, whatever you feel about me, I really don't care. But...
  • pakistani
  • syed
  • firsttime
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"I will Always Be with you~" ( A Nalu Fanfic) by punygirl
"I will Always Be with you~" ( A N...by GalasticAngel
Lucy found her boyfriend cheating on her, and broke up with him. Then later finding that she was moving because of her parents. She ends up in a bizarre place that turns...
  • marriage
  • fairytailships
  • relationship
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An Unusual Honeymoon - A Novella by MamtaKashyapKachroo
An Unusual Honeymoon - A Novellaby Mamta Kashyap Kachroo
She had everything to look forward to. A go-getter attitude. A business she had made from scratch up. A stable loving fiance. An approaching wedding. A well-formulated p...
  • romantic
  • romanticcomedy
  • romcom
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My Life With Trey Songz by LilBabyXAmourJayda
My Life With Trey Songzby 💸❤️Qûėėń Hûñćhø🔥☔️
Read To Find Out What Happens Next ©LilBabyXAmourJayda 2018-19
  • amourjayda
  • treysongz
  • engaged
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Living A Fake Life (Slowly Editing) by kater1n
Living A Fake Life (Slowly Editing)by Katerin
I was forced into a marriage of my parent's choosing. Strapped down and saddled to a man who only cared about himself. I couldn't force myself out of the marriage becaus...
  • affairs
  • marriage
  • business
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In Pursuit of: Justine™ by DawnMDrake
In Pursuit of: Justine™by Dawn-Marie Drake
The Corwin Brothers (Book 3) Can a need to "Protect" ever turn to "Love?" (John McCay) "Paula, where did Justine go? You know something that yo...
  • lovestory
  • completed
  • fiction
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The One Month Bride  by Gemie_Gem
The One Month Bride by Hafsah Ahmed
Vinnie Connor was the only child of her parents and they treated her like all other parents who had a single child would treat their kid, with extra care and affection. ...
  • tragedy
  • honeymoon
  • agreement
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Conditional love!! ❤️By Shyra  by Shyrakapoor
Conditional love!! ❤️By Shyra by Shyrakapoor
#6 - honeymoon as on 15/11/18 Here this is another shivika story which is a sequel of my own story...." Never mine!!... so it hearts ❤️" ( it's fine if you...
  • narbhi
  • honeymoon
  • anika
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A Prince From Heaven (ON HOLD) (Book 2) by everyhearthasahero18
A Prince From Heaven (ON HOLD) (Bo...by Kendra
(ON HOLD TILL FURTHER NOTICE) A sequel from The One Who Got Away She ran through the forest. Bleeding, sweating, and tears going down her face. Men were chasing after he...
  • baby
  • ethan
  • england
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Lana Del Rey's memes by Angelina_Ph
Lana Del Rey's memesby Angelina Ph
A collection of memes for Lana Del Rey fans Please vote if you like the memes Credit: The Internet and on pictures 29/08/2017
  • funny
  • 2017
  • rey
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Five Weeks √ by CheesePuffsAndLatte
Five Weeks √by Shruti
*Wattpad Indian Ambassador's Featured Novel* [Milestones: Winner of Little Moonlight Award] {Highest Ranking - #10 in romance} {New Ranking System - #1 in issues, #5 in...
  • honeymoon
  • dominant
  • forced
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Begin Again by ReesaBabz
Begin Againby Reese.
Jessica took a deep breath and ran a hand through her long dark hair. "Alex do you even hear yourself right now? Dont you see she's trying to pull us apart?"...
  • lesbian
  • chicklit
  • honeymoon
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GET ME by Desire_Eccleston
GET MEby Desire Eccleston
FIRST BOOK IN #HisPLAN Serie. "Life is slippery. Here, take my hand, I'll push you down myself." Just one of those romantic stories, that will give you diabete...
  • romance
  • marriage
  • wedding
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Our Trial Honeymoon (On Hold) by naturedreamer04
Our Trial Honeymoon (On Hold)by naturedreamer04
Two weeks || Two People || One Room 💙💙A Shivika story 💙💙
  • ruvya
  • ishqbaz
  • rising
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Ariana Grande Imagines by igottearslefttocry
Ariana Grande Imaginesby ☽
Ariana Grande imagines!!:) Read "Ariana Preferences" for Ariana Grande preferences!:)-xo yours truly
  • grande
  • arianagrande
  • tour
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