Chapter Four "Long Night"

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Summer. It's so nice to see her but god damn it it hurts to see her with Kyle. Ok, just be cool. Don't look excited Abbie. Look away. Look at the TV! This is so hard!

She looks a bit shy.

"What is she doing here?" I said while changing channels.

"This is not your house Abbie" Kyle said.

"Yeah. Not yours either. Just go to your apartment then." I replied in a monotone.

"Right. MY APARTMENT that you are staying in" he said.

"Do you me to move out?" I challenge him

"I think I better go" Summer whispered to Kyle but I heard it.

"BOTH OF YOU JUST STOP IT" Donna almost shouted at us looking so confused. "and you Summer, you could stay. Don't worry about these two okay?" Summer nodded and Donna led her to the couch beside me.

Donna and I were at one couch While Kyle and Summer at the other. Summer looks so uncomfortable with me. I guess she thinks I am a bitch. :( God, I don't want her to think that but with this situation, I can't help but really be a bitch.

I just remembered that Kyle thinks I am inlove with him. Shit! Now what? What ever. Just go with the flow, I guess.

Unconsiously i kept changing the channel. I guess I was too nervous. I hope Summer doesn't see it.

"Abbie." Dona said and I snap into reality. She took the remote off my hand. She kept looking to my eyes. Can she see that I am in pain? I remember this pain. I felt this with Donna and Kyle. It was terrible. I cant believe it's happening again.

"So....." Donna turns to Kyle amd Summer. "Tell me the story" Donna's smile seems genuine. She was really interested.

Before Kyle even started to talk, I said, "here we go again" then I rolled my eyes and walked away. For them, that was so rude of me. But they don't know I was dying inside. I went to Donna's bedroom upstairs. I just dived into the bed. I don't want to cry but I felt my throat closing. Shit! So I shoved my face to the pillow ans covered all of me with the sheet. I want the bed to just eat me. Eat me now! I hate myself!


Donna's POV

"don't mind her. She ate a bad potato" I joked to Summer. She gave me a weak smile. "The story Kyle...?" I asked again.

He told me about how they met, the cab thing, the concert thing and the cafe thing and their date. It pretty much sounded like a love story of fate or those kind of things.

I can see Summer is so uncomfortable with Abbie being so rude. I think I know what's happening. I thought of a bright idea that just might fix things....... or actually ruin things. I don't know but this feels right. I feel Summer is an awesome fella and we are going to get along fine. We could be friends for a long time and all I have to do is make Abbie and Summer be friends too right?

"Summer, stay for the night." I directly said.

"What? Why?!" Kyle asked me

"shush Kyle, I am not talking to you. I am talking to Summer. I am giving us THREE girls a chance to bond." I stated.

"I-I don't think thats such a great idea" Summer said sounding so shy

"I won't take no for an answer. Please please please please." I begged to Summer giving her my puppy eyes.

"She won't stop until you say yes." Kyle whispered to Summer. Yeah! that's right!

"PLEASE SUMMER." I hold her hand, "I promise you this, before tomorrow, You and Abbie are going to be best Buds!" I assured her. I really want to do this and if I want to do something, I am gonna make sure I finish it.

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