Chapter 24 "Unexpected"

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Summer's P.O.V

"DONT BE LATE!" She yells and hangs up. I was just smiling.

"I'll miss you and take care" kept playing in my head like a broken record. And my smile seems like permanent. I'm so excited for later! What're we going to talk about? It seems important. What ever it is, its making me ecstatically excited!



The time cant be more slow as I look at it every after we sing a song. Ugh! I'm growing impatient. This party is starting to be annoying.

Its not doing anything wrong but I just started to hate it when I realizes that 5 o'clock is just so dreadfully long!

I always enjoy my gigs. I love singing for a living but right now its bothering my time with Abbie. I cant even find time to text her. I just read her text and before I could reply, we are going to sing.

A song just finished and they told us to take a break and eat.

I dont even feel hungry! I just want to call or text Abbie.

So I did and she answers quick, "hm?" She hums like she's eating or something. I can hear the ambiance of the place she's at. Its like a store.

"What are you doing?" I ask oddly sounding too happy just for that question. I'm just happy to hear her.

"Chewing" she says sounding with mouthful of something.

"What are you eating?"

She finally swallows and answers "Summer! You gotta try this dough nut! Oh my God!" She says so enthusiastic about it.

I laugh. "Why?"

"Heaven!" She says sounding like she just took a bite while saying it.

"Ooooh! Where is that?" I ask sounding a bit happy.

"This place called....... oh my god. This burger made me forget." She says and giggles. "Its just next to the border of the bridge?? Or close to this other dessert place or just.. somewhere... Its quite far fro-"

I cut her off coz I know the name of the place even though she described it so complex. "Ooohhhh! I know that place!" I laugh. "Thats the building with the rainbow colors?"

"YEAH!!" she says so happy. I laugh again. "How'd you know? I thought you havent gone in this place." She says.

"Kyle took me there a couple of days ago. I LOVE THEIR DOUGHNUT!" I said happily. Not thinking about what I just said.

"Oh." She just mumbles. There's her tone again. The same tone she made when I told her that Kyle and I had a date, that same day. Like she's hurt. But this time, she doesnt add anything to it.

We had a moment of awkward silence. I decided to break it, "ummm Abbie."

"Hm?" She only says. Is she jealous really? Maybe I should stop talking to her about Kyle.

"I'm sorry. I need to go. We need to go and play." I lie. I dont know what to tell her anymore and I cant handle our awkward silence.

"Okay." She says plainly.

"See you later?" I ask coz now Im not sure if she wants to still see me.

"Of course" her voice back to her sweet tone.

"Okay" i start to smile again coz I know we are fine.

"Dont break your promise okay?" She says more of a command than of a favor.

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