Chapter 26 "Confession"

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Summer's P.O.V


I wake up as though I dont want to start may day. For me, everytime a new month approaches, it would be fun, like a new start. And for the first time in years, this day just feel like nothing.

I reach for my phone to read some texts.
I'm surprised to see Kyle text me for the first time in days.

Kyle: Are you still mad at me babe? I'm so sorry okay? I miss you. I love you. Please reply.

I dont feel angry at him anymore. My anger died down a few days ago. I think he doesnt deserve what I did to him. I just didnt know how to face him thats why I havent contacted him for the past few days.

I decided to reply to him "I'm sorry too. I know we both had a part in this fight. I forgive you."

I dont bother to wait for his reply and just dropped my phone beside me to face the ceiling.

How is Abbie doing? I wish she forgave me like I forgave Kyle. I miss her. I want to call and text her but it'll just break my heart everytime she ignores it. I want to see her and hug her and make her feel how horrible I feel from what I did to her.

My thoughts got cut when I hear my phone ringing.

Please be Abbie. Please be Abbie. Please be Abbie. I pray pointlessly when I know theres no reason for her to.

I was right. Its not her. I sigh and recieved the call.

"Goodmorning Donna." I greet her.

"Summer. Are you busy today? I need to talk to you about something." She says seriously ignoring my greet earlier which made it sound so urgent.

"Well, no. I'll just go to your house then?" I say.

"Okay. I'll be waiting. Thank you." She says kindly but nervous. It got me nervous too. Donna has been my only best friend. Abbie is a different kind of best friend. Well, because its different if you have feelings for your friend right? So I consider Donna being my only genuine best friend. She knows everything that is happening with me (leaving the Abbie part of course)

"Okay. Bye. See you." I say concerned.

"Yes. See you." She says and hangs up.

This was undeniably odd. But upon hearing my best friends urgency, I went quickly to the bathroom.

While taking a shower. I can hear my phone ringing. Of course I cant answer in just now. I'm in the middle of rinsing my hair. So I just ignored.

After wrapping myself with my towel I headed quickly to my bedroom. Feeling the need to look at my phone.

My eyes shot wide upon hearing Abbie's name appear on my screen as a missed call.

Without missing a beat, I call her back.

"Oh!" She greets me surprised. "I was just literally about to call you." Im so relieved to hear her voice on the other end after all those drama.

"Abbie.." I say and you could practically hear me smiling from the tone of my voice. I'm so thrilled to hear from her.

"Are you.. umm.. like busy? Can I umm see you??" She asks shyly.

"Of course!" I say quite more enthusiastic than I wanted it to sound. I clear my throat upon realizing and tried taking it back and changed my tone more casually. "Oh. Umm of course."

She laughs a little when she noticed my struggle. "Okay. What time?" She asks.

"I'll just text you." I say. "We both know what happened the last time I dictated a time" i tried joking but she was silent. I panicked. "Oh my gosh! Was it too soon?!"

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