Chapter Thirteen "Sleep Over" (continuation)

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She hides her face with her hands.

Even though I do not know what to say. I knew what I wanted to do. And I dont care what the consequences are to follow. But I want this.

"My turn to tell the truth now huh?" I asked. Trying to lighten the mood.

She peeks through inbetween her fingers and glanced at me.

"Summer. Look at me." I commanded her. I dont know. But I feel a lot more braver. She slowly turns to face me. Just looking down.

I hold her chin with my index finger and lifts her face to look at me. She looks so unsure of things. Then, again, we're eye to eye.

"I truly want you to do it." I whispered.

Her eyes shot wide. She blinks a few times. She swallows.

I was making the first move. Going closer to her face.

"Wait!" She stops me. I lift both my eyebrows

"Should we sit or something?" She asks so shyly

"What?" I mean... thats a weird question right? Maybe she just doesnt really want to kiss me and shes dodging it by ruining the moment.

"W-well.. I-I--" she says stuttering. "Just... just sit down!" She commands quite kindly but like whisper yelling.

"Okaaaaaay fiiiiiine bosss" I say. A little ticked off. What the hell is she doing?

So we sat down. She sits on her feet and I sit with my legs crossed. She slightly just ruined my moment you know?

I roll my eyes. "What now boss?" I ask

"I-I dont...I dont r-really know how.."

Holy shit? Did she just say "HOW"???


She nods. She looks more shy now. Just looking down. I suddenly felt sorry. Thats why she doesnt know what she's doing.

"Shit." I say. "Okay.... Just...just stay still. I'll do it."

She nods unconfidently. Still not looking.
Oh my God. I just got more fucking nervous. Its a pressure. I'm more nervous yet more confident its like I want her to have a great first kiss. Its weird.


Summer's P.O.V

I see her about to crawl to me. I got nervous so I closed my eyes. I'm so nervous right now. I'm so nervous. I'm so nervous!

I feel her presence getting closer. My heart started to beat crazy. I gulped a coulple of times.

I feel her sit beside me. My right leg and he left leg are touching. Her knees parallel to my waist. My knees parallel to hers.

I feel her cold hands touch my cheeks, I flinch, and she lightly turns my head to face her way. I still have my eyes closed.

She puts down her right hand next to my waist on the left side. She puts a little of her weight there and I can feel her face is just inches away from mine.

I suddenly felt our nose touch and I winced. I felt her exhale from her nose like she just let out a silent laugh.

"Sorry" I whispered.

"It's okay." She whispers back. I can feel.our breaths colliding just inches apart.

Oh my God.


Abbie's P.O.V

I was about to kiss her but then she interrups but putting her hand on my shoulder. She opens her eyes. Her expression looked so tense and stiff.

"Its late. Lets sleep." She says and she proceeds by laying on bed facing away from me and hugging a pillow.

W-what?! What the fuck did just happen?? Did I do something shitty? What??? She says she wants to kiss me then leaves me hanging? What the fucks wrong with you Summer?

I dont know what just happened so I just layed in bed too and closed the lamp. What happened? I'm a bit pissed but mostly just worried that I might have did something wrong.


***yo guys. I just continued chapter 13. It just seemed so wrong I left it hanging like that. Haha.. so do you like te story so far???? I hope you do. And i hope you still want more. Thanks for reading ***

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