Chapter 19 "Blush"

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I thought waking up would be pleasant because of what had happened last night but then I realized she's not in my arms anymore. Hell, she is not in my room anymore.....just like the last time. I suddenly felt so... shameful about last night. Why the hell does she keep doing this to me?

I unconciously groaned at my thoughts, shoving my face on my pillow. Whatever, I thought and walked downstairs having this throbbing headache. I walk straight to the kitchen upon hearing their voices. Summer is there too. Having breakfast.

My disappointment with summer eases a bit upon seeing her. At least she didnt leave. She just woke up earlier than I did. Thats why she wasnt in bed.

"Good morning, morning breath!" Donna greets me quite loud piercing annoyingly through my headache.

"Shit! Could you be more irritating?" As I take a sit on the only empty chair on the table groggily...beside Summer.

"Actually I can.." Donna states with a devilish smile and started clinking her spoon and bowl of cereals very aggressively.

"Aaaahhh!! Shiiit....okaaaay Donna!! Youuu winnnn!" As I cover my ears exclaiming to her. She stops.

I hear them all laugh. I cant help but look over Summer on my side. Preparing myself for the most awkward and embarassing moment I'm about to encounter. I expect her to look away if I do.. but she didnt.

As a matter of fact, she smiled and greeted me "Goodmorning cutie." I only looked away not being able to greet her back insensible. I needed to, or she'll see me flushed again.

I just stood up and fixed myself some breakfast at the kitchen counter. They all continue their conversation as I got lost in my own thoughts.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Does this mean she accepts what happened last night? That it was not an act of the alcohol? Does this mean she..... likes me? I shouldnt think ahead of myself... you'll just have to talk to her about it... how? Oh shit. Kyle. They are together and Kyle is my bestfriend. We just reconciled. And ... I think I should just probably let this slide. It will ease out.. I'll soon forget about that kiss... that kiss..

Then moments from last night started to replay in my head. Unconsciously, I smile at my self.

"Hey morning breath!" Donna breaks my thoughts.

"W-what?" I say looking at her thru my shoulder.

"So are you coming tonight or what?"

"Huh where?" I turned around to look at her puzzled.

"At Chris and Dana's moron" she rolls her eyes. "God, you really zoned out huh? We were just talking about it."

"What for?" I ask.

Summer answers, "it's my mom's birthday and she wants you all to come." She smiles.

"Okay what ever." I replied plainly.

"Last night, God, thats my first time to drink! I think I remember me laughing through out a sad love story!" She says laughing.

I smiled a little. But in my head I felt a little heat in my cheeks. I turn around to pour milk on my cereal. Is this a hint that she remembered everything from last night? Ugh. I want to ask her so badly!

I returned to the table and started eating while they talk.

"Oh my, Aunt Deb! Do you remember me practically carrying you upstairs?" Donna says while giggling. "And.. and your head even hit your bedroom door while we walked in." She bursts out lauging even more.

"No!" She laughs. " I guess that explains the pain on my forehead!" She says while rubbing her pinkish forehead.

We all laughed. At her action.

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