Chapter 27 "Sad Songs"

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Donna's hug is not so tight but I find myself suffocating. I guess remorse is starting fill up in my wind pipe. I dont know what to feel or think all of a sudden.

I knew everything was going to be complicated the moment I locked lips with Abbie earlier. But I didnt think the complex part will come this fast.

Donna pulls away, still holding both my shoulders, and looks at me with her bloodshot eyes with the combination of sobbing.

I didnt realize I didnt react to her confession earlier. She looks at me with worried eyes while waiting for any kind of response.

I shake my head. "I-I.." I begin but not actually planning to say anything..

"Summer." She gets my attention. We look at each other for awhile. "Can you say something? Anything?" She says breaking our stare.

"I was just.... I-I'm.. umm..." here I am again. Starting but not finishing. I need a word. A safe word. "I'm shocked." I finish. Surprised, even, when I mananged to ask, "when did this start?"

She thinks for awhile while letting go if my shoulders and looking away. "I dont know. I guess when Kyle and I broke up? I'm not sure."

Wait! Donna is Kyle's ex?! Wait! Did I just miss this info??? No.... no... no one told me. I mean, I would've remembered it for sure. Oh my God.

Donna looks at my unobscure shocked face. I was caught off guard. She can easily read my expression.

"Wait..." Donna says as she looks straight at me with her surprised but full of guilt eyes. "Kyle never told you? I-I had no idea you didnt know." Her voice apologetic. But Im not really sure why. She's not the one to say sorry. Kyle should. He's the one that forgot to tell me about that part. But why would he hide it from me? Maybe because he still has feelings for her? Well, what could be the other reason??

Another thought came to me... Does Donna ever feel jealous of me and Kyle?? Have I hurt her before without me knowing?? Well, they say, if you love someone, you'll always love them. Oh my God. And now, Its with Abbie?! I'm gonna hurt her with Abbie too?!! Ughhh! What do I do now?? How ironic...My only best friend in the whole world is trying to find comfort in me. When infact I might be the cause of her pain in the first place. I've never felt so horrible like this.

I shook my head "No. It's not your fault." I say. "Besides, thats not what we were going to talk about right?"

She looks at me with her face filled with regret. "Oh my God Summer." She says and wipes the tears on my cheeks with her thumb. "I'm sorry." She says and started to cry again.

I didnt even realize I was crying over my thoughts a moment ago.

"I'm sorry..... I'm sorry." She says and puts her hands on her face and started to cry even more. "God, I'm sorry Summer. I'm so sorry! What am I doing!?" She sounds oddly more sorry than she should be. Like, she'd done something more than just tell about her past with Kyle. But I have no idea whats going in her mind. Why is she so sorry?! I'm the one that should be sorry.

I hug her. I dont know what else to do.

"Why dont you just tell Abbie how you feel?" I say while rubbing her arm up and down. My own words pierced through me painfully. Forcing myself to suggest that just to try and make my friend lighter.

She pulls away from me to look at me. Her face even more regretful.

"Donna whats w-"

"No." She stands up like she snapped in reality or something. "This is.... its just... this was a mistake." She says as she keeps shaking her head.

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