Chapter Seventeen "Sing for Me"

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Abbie's P.O.V

I open my eyes and the light on the ceiling is so fucking bright that made my eyes squint. Not long after, my eyes adjusted and saw my Mom sitting, resting her head on the side of my bed. She's asleep.

I look around and realized I'm at a hospital.

Oh yeah. I got hit by a car. I thought to myself.

I tried to sit up but I felt a sudden burning pain on my rib. I groaned loud unintentionally that made Mom wake up.

"Oh. Just lie on your back honey.. How are you feeling?" She says while rubbing her eyes and yawning.

"I'm fine I guess. How long have I been out?" I said while lying on my back.

"3 days."

"Where's Aunt Deb?" I ask coz last thing I remember is me pushing her away from the speeding car.

"She's okay. She's at home. She's resting. She's been here restless for the past 2days. She refuse to leave you but finally I got her to agree with me. She'll be back at 4." She assures me.

I nod. I look at the time and saw its almost 4. I look at mom and she's still wearing working clothes. I feel so loved by my mom right now.

"Do you want anything honey?" She asks me worried "does anything hurt?"

I shake my head and gave her a assuring smile. Even though I am feeling everything. Its just mere body pain. No broken bones or anything. But everytime I remember the sound of the screeching car and horns, goosebumps run through my body. I felt scared.

Shortly a nurse came in with a tray. She smiles at us and tells us I surely feel pain and need something to soothe it so she gave me some pills.

Minute by minute I feel myself drifting away, relaxing and finally falling asleep.


I'm waking up and my vision was still a little blurry. I couldnt make who was the figure sitting next to my bed.

I kind of hope it was Summer.

"Oh my God. You're finally awake!" Its Aunt Deb. "Are you okay?"

I nod. "I want to sit"

She helps me. The pills were still in my system and I barely feel any pain.

"This is what I get with agreeing with popcorn" i joke sounding so much of a pothead coz of the pills. I cant laugh so i just smiled.

"I shouldnt have taken you ou--"

"Shut up. Its all good. Its not like you planned me getting hit by a car." I smiled at her.

"Maybe I did." She bounces her brows.

We laughed.

"You know you're lucky. You got out of that accident with just minor injuries." She sighs. "Like in the movies, bad guys are hard to kill." She smirks.

"Yea. So you gotta do better than that to get rid of me." I tell her. "Did Donna ever ca--"

I got cut off by somebody opening the door quite aggresively.

"OH MY GOD. THANK GOD YOU'RE AWAKE!" Donna exclaims while walking towards me.

"Speaking--" She hugs me and I wailed. "Ow!"

"Oh my god! Sorry!" She quickly lets go.

I laugh. "Gotya. I cant feel much right now. The nurse gave me good pills."

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