Chapter Six "Truth be told"

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Donna's POV

"Tell me I'm wrong." I said.

I have this theory that Abbie likes Summer. I am not entirely sure of what I have concluded. It's either a lie, that I am purely wrong or I just refuse to believe it. Don't get me wrong, I do know Abbie for a long time but she's still an unfinished puzzle to me.

I always have this weird feeling when she's with me and I am not sure of what it was until yesterday when she told me she liked me. She confessed both drunk and sober. I dooooo like her too and this is something new but it feels so right......but still wrong. Don't get me wrong though, I really like kissing her. It's different with boys. It was hotter, sexier, wilder and more exciting!---okay, I sometimes question on how my mind works but you get my point right? I am straight before. Abbie is the only girl I had feelings like this.

She said NO when I asked her if she has a crush on Summer but It wasn't enough. I do not believe her, still. I guess I'll be fine with her telling me the truth than her lying to me and making me look like a moron. I know Abbie knows me.

She parked across the street from Chris and Dana's cafe.

"Donna..." Abbie said and turned to me but wans't making eye contact. She looks so serious.

"Abbie, babe, let's go! We're here!" I excitingly said I smiled at her, kissed her lips and got out of the car.

Okay, I know she was going to confess but my heart won over my brain so I decided to just let it slip. for now. Please don't judge me! I am making a fool of myself, martyr some might add but I just don't want to hear it. I want to keep the illusion that I am the only one she likes..,... maybe someday she'll forget what she feel about Summer right?

She got out too, looking shocked and confused but I kept my chin up and smile.

I walk to her, "Let's go?" I asked and she just nodded giving me a weak smile.

We got inside. awwww, It's so cute like old school cute. Not a full house but most of them were old couples and they look so happy.

I look at Abbie and I can see her eyes scanning the place looking for .... you know who. I held her hand and led her to one of the tables.

A sweet looking old lady came to us quick and gave us a warm smile. She opened her little book with pen.

"What can I get you sweeties?" she asked.

"Just two coffees please. Thank you so much." I said and smiled back.

"Sure thing dear." She replied with soft tone.

The lady was about to leave when Abbiie asked, "Is there by any chance, you are the famous Dana, the mother of Summer?"

"I wouldn't say famous but yes, I am." Dana replied and laughed a little.

"Oh! It's so nice to finally meet you." Abbie stood up and gave a handshake to her. So, I did too.

"So, I bet you two are Abbie and Donna." She pointed at us right. "She just talked about both of you. She left if you were wondering. She and Kyle helped me with the groceries." Dana said. "They will be back soon."

I look at Abbie and she tried hiding her frown.

"Oh, we'll just wait for them. It is so nice to meet you Dana." I smiled. Abbie and I took our seats.

"Ok now just wait for them coffees dear." She smiled and walked away.

"What a nice lady huuh?" I smalled talk to Abbie.

"yeah." She plainly answered. It really bothers her that Summer and Kyle are together.

"Your party is on 2days. What do you plan on doing babe?" I asked trying to get her attention.

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