Chapter Thirteen "Sleep Over"

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Yet again, I found myself agreeing upon having Summer for a sleep over. I have no idea whats going to happen. Strange things happen when I'm with this girl. So I'm deciding to just sleep before any shit happens.

We got into my room. Aunt Deb is sleeping already. Of course. Its almost 2. But me, however, cant even feel my sleep coming any time soon.

"I'm gonna change then I'm gonna sleep. Dont bother me." I say bluntly as I open my closet.

"I have no sleeping clothes." She says. So, I throw her what ever I take hold on.

"I'll change in the bathroom. Change here." I entered the bathroom. "Change quick!" I shout thru the door. The last think I want to see is her naked.....again! My God. The thought of it made my face heat up.

I'll just take a shower. Wash off these shitty thoughts if possible.

It took me 10mins to shower and get dressed.

I got out of the bathroom and I see her watching TV. Whoa. I have TV in my room. I didnt know that.

She looks at me and smiles. "Do you know spongebob?" She says while changing channels. She stops at a cartoon channel.

"I dont." I sit beside her and take the remote and changed the channel to AXN.

"Hey!" She says. "I was watching that." She tries to grab the remote but I put it inside my shirt.

"Hey thats unfair!" She pouts

I evil smiled. "It works everytime." I winked. "I even do the same with food." I bounce my eye brows.

She gives me an 'ew' face. Its so adorable. Ugh. Focus Abbie!

"Hey. I saw 'Titanic' on HBO. It just started." She says.

Oooohhh shit. I love that movie! So I immediately changed the channel to HBO.

I watched closely. Its like I cant remember this part. When did titanic have a doll-----SHIT! I shouted! Its a horror movie!!!!

"FUCK!!!!" I jumped away from the TV and covered my face with a pillow.

I hear Summer laughing. She knew that! She fucking lied to me. Now I'm shaking in fear.

"Fuck you Summer! Turn off the TV!"

She's still laughing.. "ooooh my god. Hahaha."

"I swear to God I'm gonna fucking kill you if you dont shut it off it now!!"

"Okay. Okay. God. Calm your pants down." She says still giggling. I hear her turn off the TV.

I throw her the pillow from my face. It hit her head.

"Hey!" She yells. "Oh you're gonna get it!" She laughs evilishly. She grabs the remote and tries to turn the TV on.

"Nooooo!" I jump oh her and we land on the floor. It threw the remote on the floor. We raced and wrestles but it ended up her pinning me down. I can see her smile and it weakened me.

"Well what do you? I'm stronger than you.." she whispers cocky. She's holding both my wrist against the floor. My heart is beating so fast. Just imagine how close we are right now?

We stared at each other. She's smiling. I cant. I just looked so uncomfortable with wide eyes.

"Abbie." She says. Her face is serious this time.

"W-what?" I stuttered. Shit. Idiot!

"Are you tired?" She asks. Why the hell?

"No. Why?"

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