Chapter Eight "Hell bound"

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Summer's POV

Abbie has been very kind to me even though she tries being mean to me sometimes. Hahaha I know she's kind, what I don't get is why she tries being bad to me. It looks so forced.

Now, I have convinced her to go inside the haunted house. This is not me trying to scare her. It's more of me helping her conquer her fear..... i guess, but who am I kidding? She is so cute when she gets scared.

Horror? Ghosts? Haunted houses? It doenst scare me at all. I just acted scared last night for her not to be ashamed of being petrified. She couldn't sleep that night so I comforted her.

She makes me feel safe and now, I like to make her feel safe, too. I hope this works.

We started to walk inside after we paid the fee. She was shivering. Hah! That's cute. She's so cute. I like the way she acts tough and confident but inside, she's a scaredy-cat and so sweet. Is it weird that find her so attractive? it? I d k ..

She hugs me when she jumps but lets go quickly. She never let go of my arm though. Haha. Okay, I am enjoying this in a way that I don't know.

When we got out. She said, "In your face fear! I survived! Yeah!" And walked away from the house fast.

"Yeah like 80% if the time, you're eyes were closed." I teased her and laughed.

"Did not!!!" She says, "...but thank you" :) I added.

"You're welcome I guess..?" I wasn't sure if I really helped over-coming her fear.

She just smiled in return.

"We have been looking everywhere for you guys..." Donna suddenly jump infront of us.

"Sorry... We went in the haunted house." I said and smiled.

"Really?" Donna couldn't believe that Abbie went inside,

"Yeah, Well, with her eyes closed and she wouldn't let go of me." I laughed when I remembered it.

Donna informed me, "She never agreed when I was the one who pursuaded her." Donna just smiled plain at the both of us. I have no idea what is happening but Donna's acting weird.

There was a moment of awkward silence.

"Yo baby. You said we were goin' to some party." Allen asked Donna while hugging her close. I can sense this guy is a douche.

"Oh yeah, let's go." Donna says. Kyle texted us that he will just meet us there.

When we all got to the car, Allen was about to seat infront when Donna commanded him to sit at the back and Abbie sits shotgun. So, douche and I where at the back. He tried flirting with me. Seriously?!! No way.

It was 7:15 when we arrived at the party, it was wild. I never experienced this before and tonight is my first time to go to a party.

The speakers were booming, the crowd were dancing, making out, playing drinking games and some other weird things.

I have to admit. I wasn't comfortable with this but it's okay. There is always a first for everything. I'll try and enjoy this.

Donna disappeared in the crowd. Abbie saw me a little tensed so she held my hand. We walked in the kitchen, it was a little quieter there and she handed me a bottle of beer as she drinks hers.

"I don't drink" I shook my head.

"Just one, what could possibly happen right?" She said and smiled at me, "Besides, I'll carry you if you get drunk." She joked.... or did she?

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