Chapter Ten "Abbie's Birthday"

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April 20

Abbie's P.O.V

"Happy Birthday sweetie. Wake up." Mom says while parking on Aunt Deb's drive way. I fell asleep althrough the travel.

We took our things inside and settled everything. Aunt Debbie lives on her own in this big house. So, she is very glad to have us.

While mom and Aunt Deb is busy catching up with each other. I hear the doorbell rang.

I opened it and was greeted by worried Donna.

She hugs me. We went inside upstairs to my new room. We sat down the bed.

"Oh my God babe." She says while touching my wounds and bruises slowly.

"I'm so fucking ugly right now huh?" I said while smiling.

"No. You're not." And she pinched one of my bruises.

"Ow!" I exclaimed.

She says sorry but then giggles. She kissed the bruise below my right eye (the one she pinched)

"Does it still hurt?" She says. Holy shit. She's so sexy doing that.

"Yeah." I say. I bit my lip. "But my lips still hurts" I whispered. Its not true. The cut healed last night. It wasnt that bad actually.

She leans closer and closer but stops just a breath away. Both my eyes are closed.

"Babe." She whispers. I can feel her warm breath on my lips. Its turning me on like hell. "I'm gonna make those bad memories go away. Just focus on lips."

Shit. I cant take it anymore. I locked my lips with hers. While kissing she went to sit on my lap and she hoisted her legs around my waist.

She starts kissing me hard. Its so sexy. I'm holding her waist and she starts grinding me a bit. Whoa? Are we about to do it?

We layed down on the bed, me on top of her. She put her hands on my hair and sometime pull a bit. It didnt hurt. It just turned me on even more.

She pushes me a bit to stop kissing. She smirks. She made me roll so she'd be on top this time.

"Holy Sh--" I said but she stopped my lips with her index finger. She shushed me. Holy shit. What is she doing?

She began to kiss my neck. I started to breathe faster. My body is heating up. My cheeks are turning red and my heart is just out of control.

I'm blushing. Then.... I suddenly remembered Summer. And this suddenly felt so wrong.

"Wait." I said but she's not stopping.
"Don. Stop." I said and slightly pushed her away.

She looked at me dumbfounded.

"Let's take things slow okay?" I sounded calm.

She got off of me. Looking a bit ashamed. She sat down.

I sat down beside her. "Donna." I said.

She's not looking back. I continued, "I'm sorry. But I just want everything to be perfect when we do this. Right now doesnt feel like the right time yet." I know its such a lame excuse and I know Donna wouldn't buy that. Yet I've said it.

She looks irritated now. I cupped her face and made her look at me. She's not looking back. She kept looking down.

"Babe." I said so soft. She finally looks at me. Her expression went from irritated to weak. I kiss her. "We okay?" I asked.

She nods. "Okay. I need to go." She says. "I need to finish a lot of things for tonight." She gives a frail grin.

"You need my help?" I asked.

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