Chapter Fourteen "Why?!"

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"Abigail sweetie... wake up." I hear my mom say.

The first thing that popped in my head is Summer. I stretched my arms to feel if she's still there. Oh... she's not. I feel shittier.

I sit up groggily while rubbing my eyes.
"What time is it?" I mumured

"7"she says. God, I only been asleep for 2 and 1/2 hours.

"Ugh! I'm gonna go back to bed" I say while dropping back on my back.

"No sweetie. Your Dad is here." She says monotonously.

I sat down and made a 'what the fuck' face to my Mom. What the fuck indeed. What the fuck is he doing here? Suddenly I felt scared.

My heart can only take pain one at a time! Summer already did it and what the hell is wrong with Bryan?

She nods. "We'll wait for you down stairs." She says and leaves me.

So, I fixed myself a little and headed downstairs. Millions of possible scenario booms in my mind while I walk down. I didnt know what to feel exactly.

I got to the dining table and there they are sitting and drinking coffee. Everybody had blank expressions except for my Mom's sister. Aunt Debbie looked like she wants to slice his throat.

"I'm here" I get all their attention.

"Hey." Bryan greets and gives me a little smile but I didnt smile back. I couldnt. Its weird to see him smile at me.

"Hey baby." Aunt Deb greets me with a smile and hug. Then she whispers, "Get that demon out of my house before I kill him." I smirk upon hearing it. I tap Aunt Deb's back. She lbreaks the hug and holds my shoulders. "I'm gonna tell you something later." Then she leaves the room.

I look back at Bryan and Mom looking at me. I sit down with them at the table. My heart is pounding.

"Denise, would you mind if I talk to our daughter? Just one on one." Bryan says to my Mom.

Mom nods. We look at each other for a bit while she leaves the room.

"Abigail." He says.


"Belated Happy Birthday." He says sounding quite kind. I never saw him like this.


"I should probably give you a gift." He tries smirking. Does he think he could fix all of these just by acting nice?? I felt a tick inside me.

"You already did." I give him a sarcastic smile. "Black and blue really makes my eyes pop. And thank you for the neck massage too."

I imagine him lashing out on what I just said and just give me a beating of a lifetime but its different now. He looks as if he's really sorry about it.

" I really want to apologize for that." He says. "And for everything before that. But i know for sure that I cant make everything good between us anymore."

I dont reapond. I just rolled my eyes.

"I'm just here to give you my gift and I'll leave." He says. "I wont try and get back together with your mom and you Abigail. This is the last time. And I wont bother you or Denise anymore."

"I cant wait for that to happen." I say rolling my eyes.

"I was on drugs and I was drunk okay? I blacked out a lot! and.. and I just felt so guilty when I was so close to killing you. And I even hurt Denise. I love your mom. I love her still. But I cant take that risk again, getting back together. I-I--"

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