Chapter Nine "Mercy"

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We left town about pass 1am and we will arrive 6am or pass 6.

Time check, 3:05am. I couldn't sleep.

I felt my phone vibrate. I look at it and saw a text from Donna.

Our conversation:


Donna: Babe. I miss you and I can't sleep :(

Me: I miss you, too, Babe. Don't frown. :)

Donna: I can't. I'm so worried about you.

Me: Don't beeeeeee! :D I have an angel!

Donna: what? Who?

Me: I'm texting her right now

Donna: I really wish I could save you.

Me: Don't think about me much. I'll be fine :) I'm tired and I know you are, too. I'm going to sleep and you do the same, too okay?

Donna: Okay.

But I dont want to sleep. I just said that so she'd go to sleep.


Kyle's P.O.V
(At the party earlier)

I just got to the party and saw Summer and Abbie talking at the balcony. Everything looked cool until I went up there and suddenly Summer asks me to come home.

Abbie says but and I was the only one to respond.

"I have to go to Tyler later. I won't be home tonight. So i hope you have a good night and have a safe trip."

Summer and I walked out of the party. She was oddly silent.

I think I know what happened.

We got in the car and I fired up the engine.

"Hey." I said. She looked at me. "How was the carnival?" I continued.

"It was fine." She says and tried to fake  a smile.

I sighed. "Was she being a bitch to you again?"

She shook her head no and looked out the window. I started to drive.

"You know, Abbie's pretty cool. I dont really get why she acts like shit with you." I shook my head.

She looks at me, "Maybe she likes you." She says monotonously

I paused. Is she jealous or something?
"NO. I doubt it." I mananged to utter.

She's still not talking. I felt so awkward. Good thing we were already infront of their cafe.

"Thank you." She says with a weak grin and exited the car.

I felt like theres a pit in my stomach. Theres something I want to tell her so I get off the car and followed her.

She turned around.

"Summer. I......" Im breathing rapidly coz my hearts beating like a thousand fucking times per sec. Im shaking and my knees are feeling so weak.

She looks at me a bit confused. Shit. Should I tell her? Well, I want to tell her. Shit. Okay. Fuck it! I'm gonna tell her!

"Summer. I know we just met like yesterday..... but....." I began. "I dont know... I cant.... I cant get you off my mind. You're making me insane!"

Her eyes grew wide.

"I think..." I sighed. "No.... No.. I know.. I know I'm inlove with you already. Crazy- fucked up- cant sleep- cant eat- cant think- inlove with you."

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