Chapter 25 "Distance"

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May 31

Donna's P.O.V

I wish I could fix this. Kyle told me what happened and I've been trying to put us back together but its not happening. They keep declining. I try to talk to Abbie and Summer but they're not really giving me anything to work with.

Summer has been really open to me about her and Kyle's relationship but not talking about Abbie. That makes me get suspicious about them

I'm so frustrated and puzzled. I cant help but wonder whats happening with Abbie and Summer. I dont want to think about it but maybe they are..... ugh! Never mind.

I miss Abbie. God, I wish I could be with her right now. She's been ignoring everybody. I hate it when she does this. That means something is really up.

Its 1pm and I make my way to her house without texting or calling her coz she'll just tell me not to.

I knock on their door and Aunt Debbie answers it. She tells me that Abbie is not home.

"Can you come in for a bit?" She asks me like we need to talk about something. So we sat down on the couch in the living room.

First she explains that she knows everything about me and Abbie. Then, she tells me everything about what happened with her, Abbie and Abbie's mom. I was shocked and now I get why Abbie is so hurt and diatant for some time.

"I feel like I need to tell you this coz maybe you know what to do. Abbie has not been herself lately." She says so down.

"She doesnt want to talk to me." I tell her.

"She doesnt talk to me either. She always leave the house early and just go back at night! And sometimes even drunk." She says with frustration in her voice. "She's not disrespectful to me. She's just not talking to me. I dont know what to do anymore."

I nod at Aunt Deb and give her a hug. "I'll try and talk to her." I say. When our hug broke, I ask her "Umm what about Summer? Is there anything you know about them?"

She looks at me.with worrying eyes. "I dont know. I think its better if you just ask Abbie."

Hearing that alone made me so nervous. I know she knows something. I have a lot to process. Her mom. Aunt Deb. Abbie. And Summer.

I just nod. "Just inform me if she's home okay? I'll come right over"

She nods. We say our goodbyes and I headed home.

A lot of things are going through my mind as I wait for Aunt Debs text.



"She's home" Aunt Deb texts me. So I make my way fast to their house.

"She's upstairs in her room." She says and motions me to go.

As I make my way to her room I dont really know how to begin with everything. What will I ask first or how she will react. I hope she doesnt ignore me.

I dont knock. I just make my way in her room and I see her on her bed under the sheets on her side. Is she sleeping?

"Abbie." I say softly as I sit beside her and touched her shoulders. I can smell she's been drinking.

She lie on her back to look at me.

"Donna." She says plainly giving me her drunk tired eyes.

"How are you?" I say trying to smile.

She tries to smile also. "Still beautiful" she jokes with her drunk voice and tries to laugh.

I just smile at her effort to be happy. "You know you can talk to me about anything." I say.

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