Chapter 28 "Perfect Day"

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Abbie's P.O.V

"Mom. Abbie's sleeping over tonight. Is that okay?" Summer asks Dana's permission, sweetly smiling.

I kind of feel nervous for some unusual reason that we are here, talking to Dana. I feel like we are doing something wrong behind this super nice person's back.

"Well, thats a first" Dana says, looking at us across the cafe counter, happily surprised.

"Well..... Can she?" Summer asks again leaning on the counter with puppy dog eyes. Her specialty. Haha. So cute.

She nods quick. "Of course dear." Dana says smiling, looking at both of us.

I cant help but smile too. I cant believe this is happening though. First, she admits to liking me too and now, she asks me to sleep over. And I cant believe we are so comfortable with each other too.

"Well, do you girls need anything for tonight?" Dana asks.

"Nope." Summer says smiling. "But we will go out for a bit." She adds.

I look at her shocked but smiling. I dont know we had plans like that. She looks at me and just smiled.

"Okay sweetie. You girls take care now." Her mom says and we both nod. We said our goodbyes and headed out the exit.

"Where are we going actually?" I ask while we walk to my car.

"Anywhere!!" She exclaims with a huge grin. "Let's go somewhere fun! I dont know." She shrugs. "I want to do a lot of things today." She adds. "What time is it anyway?" She asks.

I look at my phone for a second before answering, "2:40"

"Good! C'mon!" She says when we arrive infront of my car. "Iiiiiit's adventure time!" She looks at me smiling enthusiastically.

"Did you just get that line from a cartoon series?" I ask smirking with an eyebrow lifted.

"Yes!!! How did you know that?!" She asks happily shocked.

"Spongebob and Adventure time has ruined me." I say deadly serious.

She laughs. She's so happy and that makes me happier. I could imagine us being together always. Just like this.

I start the engine. "Okay. So..." I look at her smiling. Waiting for her to give me directions on where are we to go first.

She glares at me smiling weakly. "Can you promise me something?" She asks.

I'm a little anxious all of a sudden. "Sure." I say genuinely.

"Promise me to make this the best and most unforgettable day for us." She says serious.

I look at her slightly confused. Why is she asking this?  "Well, isn't it already?" I respond to her smiling.

She smiles too.. "well, yeah." She says. "But... just... its.. ugh.. you know what I mean? Just promise."

I roll my eyes. " Yes ma'am" I say in a soldier tone.

She gives me an unexpected hug. Not too tight.  I hug her back while caressing her hair. She nuzzles on my hair. I can feel her breathing on my neck. I close my eyes just enjoying the moment. I cant help but smile.

I felt she was about to pull away but I still didnt want to. So, I hug her tighter.

"Don't let go..." I whisper on her neck. "Not just yet." I smile against her neck.

She doesnt say anything. Rather, she hugs me tighter and plants a kiss on my neck. I like how she responded. I felt butterflies upon feeling her lips. We were like that for a few more seconds in comfortable silence.

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