Chapter 22 "I Missed you"

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The sun's already pinching my face. I still feel like going back to sleep but I remember Abbie. I start smiling again. This is all new to me. Kyle and I never do this. He sleeps early at night and even if we talk, theres not much to talk about. We just end up having this awkward silence all the time.

But Abbie.. God, it was so fun talking to her. I wish we could be like that in person. We often ignore each other when we get together. We only talk when its just me and her. I never thought we could be like this. I feel more close to her now.

I WANNA CALL HER! I say to myself smiling and so excited to do so.

I grab my phone quickly but its already ringing. For a split second, I hoped it was Abbie. But its Kyle's name appearing on my screen. I answer.

"Hey. Good morning." I say trying to sound enthusiastic.

"So you finally decided to answer?" Kyle says plainly. Whats wrong?

"Huh?" I say so puzzled.

"Do you know what time is it Summer?" He says sounding so upset. I dont really know whats wrong with him.

So I took my phone out of my ear for a sec and looked at it. "Oh. Its 11."

"And?????!!" He says sounding so annoyed that triggered me to be irritated.

"And what??!" I say matching his tone.

"Oh...." he says now sounding disappointed. "Nevermind."

"Kyle wha-" before I could finish, he hang up. I just feel so pissed that my day starts great and he has to ruin it for something I dont know.

I look at my phone. It has several missed calls and texts. All the calls are from Kyle. Even all the texts, I found myself feeling down that Abbie has no messages for her. But I need to deal with Kyle so I open our thread.

Kyle: Good morning babe. Cant wait for later! :) (6:45)

Kyle: babe? You awake? (7:09)

Kyle: why arent you answering my texts or calls? (7:31)

Kyle: babe, I'm here infront of the cafe. Are you ready? Pls reply (8:07)

Kyle: Your mom says you're still sleeping. I didnt want to wake you up. So I just went home. Babe, are you feeling okay? Text me asap. (9:17)

Kyle: babe. I'm worried. (10:11)

I was about to compose a text when I recieve a new text from him also.

Kyle: I cant believe you forgot about our date

Ohhhhh my goooood! I suddenly felt a rush of guilt stream althrough my body. I'm so stupid! I forgot about it! He talked about it non stop last week and I just forgot about it.

I feel like I could die with remorse. I know he is so ecstatic for this and everything! He planned our suppose to be a whole day together but I just forgot.

How do I make this better??

I felt like texting him seems so insensitive so I tried calling him but he doesnt answer. I start to panic. What do I do?? I feel so heartless!

Texting him was the only thing I could think of.

"Kyle. Im so sorry I forgot about it. please forgive me. I feel so horrible right now."

I stare at my phone nervously waiting for his response.

He replies.

Kyle: yea

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