Chapter Fifteen "Bitch"

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Abbie's P.O.V

Kyle stares at us waiting for an answer or even just a reaction.

I cant hide this. I'm so pissed  off right now. I'm hurt confused and just want to release this fury inside me. I want to hurt them more than they're already hurting m!

Kyle's cheerful face turned into a frown.
"Arent you happy for me? For us?" He asks.

"We are Kyle." Donna says. "Right Abbie?" I know she isnt but , man, she could fake it.

Me unfortunately cant.

"No." I say in a bitch tone.

They all look at me strangely.

"Abbie!" Donna yells to me whispering.

"Okay. In fact Kyle, I dont give a shit about the both of you." I say sarcastically smiling. "So if you excuse me, I'm gobna fucking leave coz you all are just wasting my time"

Donna's mouth drops while I stand up.

Kyle suddenly grabs me by my wrists to stop me from going. He looks so mad. His face is turning crimson. He drags me to the other room.

"What the fuck is wrong with you! Let go asshole!" He lets go.

"No. What the fuck is wrong with you!?" He says while pointing at my face. "Why are you being such a bitch?"

"Coz I am a bitch." I smile mocking him

"I'm not fucking around ABBIE!!!!" Suddenly he yells at me.

"Well neither am I KYLE. Just fuck off."

I sigh and shake my head and started to walk back to the other room.

He follows me. "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" She pushes my shoulder.

I turn around. "I'm leaving" I tell him. I turn about again and tried to walk away. Donna and Summer is just stunned watching us.

"Bitch! Answer me!!"  He yells.

I didnt mind him. I pick my bag up. He better stop or I'm about to lash out.

"Are you jealous?! Are you inlove with me or something huh?! He asks.

Oh. Im about to fucking lash out. Seriously.

I laugh and shake my head upon hearing it giving him a hint of how ridiculous he just sounded.

"God, Kyle. You really think she loves you?" I laugh sarcastically. "Shit. You idiot."

I see Summer's reaction. Shocked.

"ABBIE!" Donna says.

"Fuck you Abbie." He just said.

"What ever. I dont give a fuck." I roll my eyes.

He's really mad right now. I can see his teeth and hands are clenched. Well, so am I.

"I could just punch you right now bitch." He says with anger in his voice.

"I dare you." I drop my bag and took steps closer to him. "Show little princess who you are."

"Stop talking." He says some what warning me.

"Or what?!" I slightly yell.

"Please stop." Summer says. That just pissed me off even more, hearing her voice.

"Shut the fuck up!" I tell her. She gasps.

"Dont talk to her like that!" He warns me.

"OR WHAT ASSHOLE?!" I shout at his face challenging him.

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