Chapter Sixteen "3 weeks Later"

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May 12

Abbie's P.O.V

I never talked to Kyle or Summer. I never bumped into them, too. Thank God. I dont know how I would talk to them or act around them if ever. Well, I want everything to go back to the way it was.

Donna & I don't hang out as much as before. I don't really want to leave the house. When she asks if she could come over, I say yes but it doesnt last as long. Just a few hours and then she'll leave. We just text or call often.

3weeks is a long time. I wonder how Kyle and Summer are. Donna sometimes see them, too. She asks me if I want to hear updates about them but I dont really want to know so I say no. She understands. Donna always understands me. I wish I could just love her. But Summer....... Oh Summer, I miss her. It sucks that the last thing I remember about her was her crying.. and when she hugged me. That hug plays at my head over and over.

Kyle, I really want to apologize to him. I know I was a fucking bitch and I regretted that already. I just wanted to say sorry but I felt like I dont deserve his forgiveness.

All I feel is emptiness.

My thought breaks when Aunt Debbie knocked on my door. She knows everything that is happening in my life. Mom doesnt. I doubt she'd understand.

"Abbie" she says while opening the door.

"Yeah?" I say still laying on bed.

"It's already pass 10. Arent you coming down? Arent you hungry?"

Oh.. its 10? That means I've been awake just in bed for 3hours.

"No I'm not hungry but I'll come down later."

I hear her sigh and walk to me. She sits on the edge of the bed.

"You cant keep on toturing yourself, you know? You could die doing this." She jokes.

We laugh a little. "Dying wouldnt be so bad right now."

"C'mon. Its not like you killed someone. Its been 3 weeks. Do you think they still hate you?"

"Probably they forgot about me and now they're happy. They dont really need me."

She sighs again. "Abigail--"

"Ugh. I hate it when people call me that." I smile.

"Abbie. Okay. You're mom is worried about you, too. So she asked me to take you out today."

"Why cant she take me out herself? Nevermind. Besides, I dont really feel like going."

"Too bad. I was going to buy you popcorn. All you can eat. Any flavor you want."

"Mmm" I murmur

"..and movie tickets for this awesome love story that just came out..."


"..and a take you out shopping? My treat...actually Denise's treat! She gave me money for us.."


"Seriously??! What do I do to take you out of this house vampire!?"

I laughed and sat down. "You had me at 'popcorn'" i say.

She smiles and pinches my cheeks. "Go and get ready. I'll be waiting downstairs. Your driving."

I nod. So, I prepared myself.


Debbie's P.O.V

We are at the car driving to the mall. Finally, I got her out of the house. I think she really needs this.

She hasnt been herself lately. I know she just wants everything to go back to normal but how can she by locking herself at home?

Denise didnt really give me money. This is all on me. I just thought it would make her more attentive.

Anyway. I wish this day could be her new start again. I hope she could go back to normal. Even her smile, its not complete. I miss her smile. Her normal warm smile.

So we get out of the car. We parked it a few blocks away coz the parking is packed. Theres this sale in the mall. We al ost got hit by a car because everybody seems to be in a rush. Wven inside the mall everybody seems to bump at each other. God, its like a college party here. Trying to squeeze yourself in the crowd just to get to a place.

"Finalllllyyy!" Abbie groans when we got on the top floor where the movie world is.

I laughed. Good thing nobody much is up here. All the sales are down stairs.

So we bought popcorn -5 freakin' bags- God, this girl can eat popcorn.

We went inside and watched the movie. As usual, Abbie cried at the end.

"You're such a baby sometimes. Haha" i tell her as we get out of the cinema.

"Shut up Aunt Deb." She says with a smirk while wiping her tears away.

"Okay, so as promised, we now go shopping." I say.

"Ugh! No! This mall is fucking packed! Lets just get out of here and go else where." She recommends and I agreed with her.

Getting out is much more difficult than we anticipated. Waves of people kept streaming in and out like crazy.

We just gave up trying and let the wave take us wherever. Luckily, it took us at the exit and we got out.

We can finally breathe.

"My God! Do you remember where we parked?" I asked her.

"Yea. 3 blocks away. This way." She points across the road.

"Okay." So we try to cross the road. It was so hard for the cars just dont care about you. They just drive fast and hope they dont hit anyone. Jerks!

We finally saw clear road so we cross. Abbie walking behind me.

Suddenly, I felt her push me forward to the pavement and a sudden gush of wind pass behind me. I hear tires screeching and people screaming. My body froze coz I had a terrible hint what had happen. I turn around and saw a car stopped slightly off the road and there, a few feet infront of it was Abbie. Coldness struck at my whole body when I realized Abbie just got hit by a car.

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