Chapter 20 "What's Wrong?"

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"Mom! Aunt Deb! I'm going to Chris and Dana's!" I shout opening the front door waiting for their response. I hate that I'm wearing a black dress right now with full make up.

"Okay. Take care love you." Mom says from the living room.

"Love you, too, Mom." I say and headed out but came back again coz I left my purse. Im not used of bringing a purse. I just stick everything in my pocket.

I got in the car and fired up the engine. I recieve a text.


Me: No shit? u've texted like the millionth time don! I'm at my car.

Donna: Are you wearing a dress??????

Me: no. I'm going there naked!

Ugh. I hate this. The only wish of Mrs. Kinley is we go in a formal dress coz its a formal party. I fucking hate wearing dresses! Its not because I'm gay. But because it doesnt suit me. It doesnt just look good on me. I dont feel pretty. I feel like shit.


I parked infront of the café. I walk there while endlessly pulling my dress, twisting and turning and trying to fix it but its hopeless. I still look like shit. I still feel like shit.

I can hear its silent so maybe the party hasnt started yet. So I opened the door forgetting about the wind chimes that are to cling when you open the door.

I was wrong. The party has started. They all stared at me for barging in. Thanks to the stupid windchimes! I was wrong again, I thought there will only be like a few people but NO! It was packed with mixed ages between 40-70.

I flash them a slight shy smile trying to apologize while I continously say Shit. Shit shit. Shit shit In my head. The focus on me eventually died down when a spot light turns on at the stage.

There, sitting in the middle of the stage infront of a piano, is an angel wearing a white dress. Her hair is braided to fall on the side of her shoulder.

She squints her eyes and see me through the crowd and smiles at me. I know this coz I'm the only one standing. I smile at her back. Good thing it was dark coz I know, for a fact, that I'm blusing pinker than my blush on.

Oh God. She's making everything harder for me. I tried ignoring her. I tried being a bitch to her. I tried being nice to her. Fuck, I even tried reverse psychology with her earlier when I acted like I could joke around flirting with her. Did that even work? I dont even know what urged me to do that. But I liked doing it.

"Ppsssst Abbie" Donna yell-whispers to me from afar.

I twist my head and see her lifting her hands, waving at me.

I quickly went to our table and sat down with Kyle and Donna. Its quite close to the stage.

Summer starts playing, Your Song by Elton John.

Wow... just.. wow.

When she sang the chorus, "I hope you don't mind. I hope you don't mind that I put down in words....." then she looks straight me slightly smiling singing "..How wonderful life is while you're in the world."

I felt like she told me that. Like she sang that song for me... But maybe she didnt. Maybe its just mere coincidence. Like at the hospital when she sang that chorus in Bizzare Love Triangle, I felt like she was saying it to me rather than singing it to me. Buuttt then again maybe I'm just imagining this coz, why would she??? Right??

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